thread: Skin pigmentation

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Skin pigmentation


    Was wondering if anyone has experienced this while being pregnant. I have some darker pigmentation around my bb's. Although it's not that noticeable I was wondering if it goes away after bubs is born as I've never had it before? Does anyone know what causes it or why it happens?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Limestone Coast, SA

    Hi lee-ann

    i am not far enough in my pregnancy to have darkened skin pigmentation but i do know that iit is extremely common in late pregnancy to get it any where on your body particularly the face and you may have noticed that your moles and freckles have darkened too. From what i have read it goes away after the baby is born just like a hairy belly button

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    Custardtart Guest

    I can't tell you the hows or whys of it, but it does happen. I had little tags of skin appear around my aureoles, too, with my first pregnancy. It all goes away and eventually back to 'normal' after having the baby.


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    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    Very normal! I've heard a myth that it's so your nipples are easier for the baby to find!!!

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Yep it's not the same as darkened nipples or linea nigra. I also noticed a small patch of discolouration on one of my arms. I hope it doesn't get worse and hopefully over time after bubs is born it will fade.