thread: sleep deprivation

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    May 2005

    sleep deprivation

    ok i thought this was only meant to start once the baby had arrived. is it just me or are others finding it impossible to get more the 1-2hrs sleep at any one time? i think it is really starting to affect me - i've been up since 4am this morning.

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    I think it's your body preparing you for once baby arrives!! I've always had sleep probs, so to me it's normal to wake up every 2 hours or so!! You'd think mother nature would design it so we get HEAPS of sleep before bub comes not the other way around!!!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    I'd have to agree with Meg. It seems like in the last few months/weeks when you should be resting are the hardest times to do just that.

    My only suggestion is to try to sleep whenever you can.

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    Jun 2003

    Yep I had that too with Paris, not looking forward to it actually. As I'm not sleeping all that well atm, and with it getting brighter earlier I seem to be waking at the crack of dawn and finding it near impossible to go back to sleep. I agree with Sarah's tip, sleep whenever you can. Rest as much as possible even if it is in small breaks, if you can get used to it now you will be able to continue when bubs is here!


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    Melinda Guest

    That's tough isn't it. It's hard work being PG and you really need rest, yet you find that for one reason or another, you can't sleep! It's either you can't get comfortable, you need to have yet another trip to the toilet, or you plain old can't sleep for no reason in particular!!

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    Jun 2005

    I have sleep probs now too - i did with my 1st preg too. Just your body getting you prepared. As well, the hormones racing around your body at this time is huge . I often find myself lying in bed whilst DH is snoring away and im thinking about what groceries i need to buy !!!!!!! My mind is active (as is bubs).

    Im a stay at home mum, so i try and lie down when DD goes to sleep. I dont always actually sleep, but lying down and just resting is just as good i say.........

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    Mar 2005

    So no what you mean, I was awake from 5 mths preggers onwards, it drove me bonkers, in the end I had to have sleeping tablets to get some rest, I was also running after a 2.5 yr old, so needed sleep.

    Good luck sweety

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    Jul 2005
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    aaaggh! I'm only 6wks and it's starting again... insomnia... had it with previous pregnancies but this one's started earlier.... perhaps because i'm not working. Last pregnancy I worked in an Early Learning Centre, on my feet all day, cleaning, walking, etc. until 6mths preg. Oh dear... was awake at 4.30am this morning stressing about the public hospital that i'm going to... (submitted a huge post in the maternity hospital forum). oh well... the only solution I can think of is to rest when my toddler does and yes bananas do help me... didn't somebody say there was a night-owl forum LOL

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    Aug 2004

    Oh man - sleep deprivation!! Its a killer. All those thoughts rushinh through your head.....
    Maybe make sure you are resting at these times? So if you cant sleep, get up and read a book or something.

    A good sleep tip is: Only use your bedroom for sleeping and sex. Dont confuse your mind by introducing other elements like TV or reading (at night) or music. If you wake up in the night, dont do something in bed, because you are essentially telling your body - "Its OK that you dont want to rest, so I'll let you do something else you really enjoy". By rewarding, you dont stop the tendency to wake up.

    I hope that makes sense? So if you cant sleep, and cant have sex to get back to sleep try getting up until you are sleepy again, and then toddle back to bed.


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    Cee_Cee99 Guest

    I've always found it difficult to fall asleep, it normally takes me 1-2 hours of just lying there thinking... then I tried this guided meditation CD - I know it sounds weird, I would never be someone who goes for this kind of stuff but after a week of listening I would fall asleep within 5-10 mins... It is amazing, I can not rave about how good it is... even if I want to have a cat nap on the w/e I will use it to fall asleep - something I have never been able to do before - for some reason it shuts off the thinking part of your brain and that enables you to fall asleep. I got mine from the Natural Fertility Clinic in Woollahra, Sydney. I think it was under $30?
    Good luck