thread: Sleeping in third trimester

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    kylie J Guest

    Sleeping in third trimester

    Hi Ladies,

    Is there anyone having problems sleeping at night in their third Trimester?

    I just can't seem to get comfortable no matter which side I sleep on.Anyone with suggestions?


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    Melinda Guest

    OMG Kylie! I soooo know what you mean!

    I'm having extreme difficulties with sleeping too. I can't sleep for any longer than about half an hour on one side, before I need to rollover to the other side because I feel uncomfortable in the stomach or my legs are achey/crampy etc. And rolling over isn't exactly easy either! It's quite a procedure with such a tummy! LOL

    Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions on what to do to help, but I hope someone does because I'd be prepared to try just about anything at this stage!!!

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    carmen Guest


    I can join in and say that I am having difficulty sleeping but unfortunately I don't have any solutions. Some nights I am fine but others I just keep moving around.

    DH is spending more time in the spare room since I keep tossing and turning all night, and I am really conscious that I should be quiet when he is there whereas if I am on my own I can keep groaning and turning to my hearts content!!!


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    Marcia Guest

    Well we are a sorry bunch aren't we? I can say that I definately can't get comfy to sleep for long either but also have no solution lol! I've tried the whole cushions/pillows wedged here and there but that doesn't work at all for me. I must say though that some nights are worse than others. The one thing I have really noticed is just the last couple of weeks I wake up every night around 3am feeling really really hot and sweaty and have to strip off and lay on top of the covers for ten minutes to cool down a bit again! And then I feel hot for the rest of the night. And it is very cold at night here so it must be a preg thing. Anyone else had that?

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    baby_mama Guest

    I know how you are all feeling. I found that by just wedging a pillow underneath by belly on the left hand side helps but some nights I found that to be very uncomfortable. I have had less sleep in the past few weeks and I tend to sleep more during the day then I do at night. Lucky for me though, my DP comes home from work at about midnightish so he helps me to get to sleep easier by rubbing my feet or back.

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    Registered User

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi there girls! I can commiserate with you , I too had heaps of problems sleeping during the last few months. I did the pillow thing under the belly and that helped best. Also just walking before bed... just to get the muscles moving because of all that relaxant hormones coursing through your bodies your muscles are doing alot of strange things which can make you uncomfortable too, so sometimes a walk and hot bath directly before bed will get you ready for bed and usually help you get a good half night sleep, or least I found that to work...

    Good luck!! (I have to say, I would gladly get the sleep I got then to the sleep I'm getting now!!...LOL!)


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    Melinda Guest

    Pillows haven't done a great deal for me thus far either....if anything they make me feel more restricted IYKWIM?

    As for the hot and sweaty caper - I had that just last night Marcia LOL. Every now and then that happens and I wake up feeling like I'm drenched and am hot for the remainder of the night! (and living in Tassie we have some pretty cold nights here!)

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    Pietta Guest

    Isnt the whole waking up hot thing crazy! I get that quite common now. I was just wondering, is everyone having problems with sleeping coz they are in pain or just because it is uncomfortable? I wake up when bubs is pushing on my pelvic ligaments and I have learnt that even if i just move slightly to encourage him to move spots i get a much better sleep. I also lay on my back for about ten minutes before i go to bed and kind of play with the baby (well DH is the one that does the playing eg. poking the belly and he pokes back and then laying his head on my belly and he kicks Dad's head etc.) and to be honest since I have been doing this Bubba really doesnt move much during the night which means I am able to sleep alot easier too!!

    I also do the pillow under the belly thing, but my son (love saying that) doesnt like it that much as he kicks the pillow if i havent let him kick Daddy!! I also empathise with the not being able to roll over. I feel as though I am a beach whale and i am tryng to roll!! It is crazy! But i grunt and complain and DH grumbles- you okay- so i say i love you i'm cool go to sleep.

    So really i dont have too many suggestions besides making yourself and baby tired before you actually go to sleep!!

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    Melinda Guest

    It varies b/w being painful and uncomfortable Pee. Sometimes I just don't feel comfortable and other times it hurts because of my back and I can't get into a pain-free position. I can't say the baby has ever been in a really awkward position, or at least not for long. If I feel like he's pressing on something I give my tummy a bit of a rub there or a gentle nudge and generally that helps LOL. But a lot of the time I need to rollover frequently because of my legs hurting/cramping or I can't sleep because I've got a blocked nose etc etc etc....the list goes on LOL