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Thread: Slept on my Back at 33 weeks!

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    Default Slept on my Back at 33 weeks!

    I slept on my back last night at 33 weeks. I normally can't do this as I feel faint or sick (or both) Whats going on! My bub is kicking today, - so I am hoping everything is fine. Is this OK to do (not that I planned to sleep on my back).

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    I slept on my back alot throughout my pregnancy with DD.
    I was told by my dr if you are on your back and you feel fight or numbness in your legs then you need to get off it. It is at this point bub may be affected.
    Otherwise if you feel ok on your back sleep on it.

    I am still sleeping on my tummy ...

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    I woke up at 41+4 flat on my back with my water having just broken. DD was fine. If you feel ok and bubs is moving normally there's nothing to worry about.


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    I'm still sleeping on my back off and on. Most nights I feel like I'm on a rotisserie just trying to get comfortable

    I asked my OB at my last appt about sleeping on my back and she said as long as I feel fine then its fine. She explained that the only thing that could happen is that you could feel faint if your blood vessels are squashed - nothing is going to happen to bub its still going to get its blood flow just fine. Also she said that a pillow or two behind your head means your not totally flat anyway.


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    I totally agree with the other girls - the Dr said that I'd feel off and that you're natral reaction is to move if you're not in a good position - My advice would be trust your body and try and grab as many good nights sleep as you can!!

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