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Thread: Soft cervix?

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    Default Soft cervix?

    After a little scare with regular braxton hicks contractions coming 2-3min apart I had an internal while being monitored on a CTG and got told that my cervix is extremely soft. I have some idea of what it means but I am wondering how this would effect going into labour? I was advised to rest up for the rest of the pregnancy, avoid sex etc etc is that because I am now at risk of labour before 40wks???
    (Bub is engaged as well)

    Im only 32w2d.

    Ty for any advice or info.

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    This should have been something the Doctor should have explained to you after examination. A soft cervix does not mean you WILL go into labour,it means you COULD and you could still go on for weeks.It sounds like You may not carry till your due date though.

    A soft cervix doesnt always mean Labour is on its way,but bubs head being engaged aswell is one way of telling you to take it easy.Still a possibility things could happen earlier.

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    I agree with Skorpy. Just take things easy

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