thread: sooo fed up HELP PLEASE

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    Mar 2009
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    Exclamation sooo fed up HELP PLEASE

    hi i posted a few days ago i am now 38-2
    this is baby number 6....
    i am still losing bits and bobs of blood and mucus..
    im in horendous pain all down the front of my legs
    Sorry to be graphic but i have really bad piles now which have only come on since i last posted..
    im tired and just feel awful..
    i tried castor oil and believe it or not absolutely nothing happened no runs no pains nothing...
    im drinking my raspberry tea..and my cervix is ripe and slightly open according to mw..
    please give me any suggestions to speed this up as its driving me crazy the pressure on my bum and legs.....
    many thanks joxxxxxxxxxx

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling great.. Sounds like things are getting started.. Apart from all the usual natural induction methods I have no solutions sorry!! You must be so over it!!
    Hang in there, I'm sure your little bub will be out before you know it!

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    Would they do a membrane sweep?
    evening primrose oil, accupuncture
    you should be able to get a cream for the piles that is safe to use too.

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    hang in there

    been where you are many times. All mine were early, but still the same feeling when you know it's time.
    Hang in there and try to enjoy this special time. I wish I could have held mine in longer, because it's better for their development. 38 weeks is still a little early so try not educing anymore if you can, I know Easier said than done though. But, It sounds like your starting labor, I wouldn't do anything more to educe it, go with the flow and enjoy your labor. (It's painful and terrible, but awesome, beautiful and special at the same time. You will look back at the experience as your child grows, so enjoy and have good memories!

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    I know you might not want to hear this, but I wonder if you are making things worse by trying with the castor oil, etc? You aren't overdue, your body won't labour until it is ready, but you can stir yourself up and make yourself horribly uncomfortable by trying "natural" induction methods before your body is ready to birth. You don't want to be exhausted when the time actually comes.

    RLT can be great for toning the uterus, but it can also aggravate braxton hicks contractions and make you more uncomfortable.

    With my last, I found hot baths with a few drops of clary sage oil extremely relaxing and soothing.

    Not long for you now!! I know those last days seem to just drag by...