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Thread: sore pelvic floor

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    Default sore pelvic floor

    I'm just curious, everytime i go to the loo to empty my bladder when I finish it feels like its closing around something? like it goes really sore and feels like somethings stuck in there that it has to clsoe around.. has anyone else had that feeling? does it sound normal?

    i ahve my appointment on friday, im just getting a little worried because of what ive been feeling lately, and ehr movements have dramatically slowed down, I think i still get the 10 kicks though, should i ring up or wait for my appointment? i feel a lil silly ringing them when my appointment is only 2 days away.

    take care

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    im not sure im mine is in the same region but i definatly feel sore after i have gone to the loo.
    or if i have slept too long and are busting the pain after is a relief but takes a while to go back to nomal- is this due to the pressue of the bub on our bladder?

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