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    Default Sore pelvis

    The last few days i have had a sore pelvis.

    Its sore and feels weak on the inside of my legs/hips if that makes sense.

    When i walk sometimes it feels so weak. Almost like it could snap.

    Is this just normal pregnancy movement or is this a bit of SPD?

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    I think it's pretty standard to get a sore pelvis towards the end of the pregnancy although I can't really remember when mine started. I definitely have it now though Actually Shereejoy actually described it aptly as a feeling like you have been riding a horse!!

    If you are concerned about anything though see your doctor or midwife, because I had a friend whose pelvis was actually misaligned while she was pregnant... her joints were really loose that she wouldn't be able to walk sometimes!

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    i dnt know if this helps at all but with my 2nd baby mine was so sore i couldnt walk well and ended up being induced because the babies head was pushing my pelivc bones apart as she moved down

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