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Thread: Sorry - a hemorroid question!

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    Default Sorry - a hemorroid question!

    I just wondered if anyone has hemorrhoids yet? I am 29 weeks and don't have any pain but have just noticed slight bleeding when I go to the toilet today and 2 days ago. I'm not exactly constipated but a little slow IYKWIM!

    Can you have them without pain? If so is it worth me doing anything at this stage?

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    To be on the safe side take some stool softeners and maybe buy urself some cream... cos you will know when u have them!!!! I sure hope you dont!

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    I had them from about 20 weeks ... and a new one appeared today

    Be careful with the creams, let your pharmacist know that you're preggers. There aren't many things you can use ... if its still there in a little while, see your GP sooner rather than later (trust me on this!)

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    I got one late in the pregnancy. I have used the sitz bath for cleaning afterwards and that helps. Also bought a "sitz bath herbal tonic" which herbs and stuff from health food store to put in bath, it is soothing. I would recommend.

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    I've been ever-so-lucky to have had them since I was 10 weeks pregnant Surprisingly, they seem to have got a lot better in the past few weeks - they were the worst in the second tri. I don't like using the creams and find that a warm bath after a bowel movement is the best relief, but everybody is different.

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