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Thread: still overdue and even more upset

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    baby4 Guest

    Default still overdue and even more upset

    Hi Everyone Just Me Again Winging About How Over Due I Am As You No I Was Due On 28th Sept And Still Not A Niggle I Had My Appointment On Wednesday And They Gave Me A Sweep And Stretch To See If They Could Get My Labour Going And All It Did Was Hurt Me And Left Me Traumatised I Do Not Advise Anyone Get This Done I Am Starting To Loose All My Interest In Being A Mother And Im Gettting More Depressed At The Momment Im Not Talking To Anyone Not Even My Partner Ive Sent My Kids On Holidays. Im Also Worrried About How Big My Baby Is As There Is No Room I Cant Beleve That They Leave You For This Long And Dont Care About The Emotional Impact That It Has I Just Want To Run Away And Now I Regret Even Being Pregnant How Could My Body Do This To Me

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    baby4, hang in there, not long to go now. Is there some girlfriends you could maybe go out to lunch with, or maybe have them around your place? It might be a good idea to have some company, maybe to take your mind off it. Or a relaxing bath or something that you really enjoy doing, even if it's sitting on the couch eating a pack of Tim Tams ... always works for me!!
    I know you feel huge and as if this pregnancy will last forever, but it won't, and you'll be meeting bubs very soon. Try and relax and make the most of the last couple of days.
    Have they discussed with you about being induced?

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    I think its important to try to relax as best you can and perhaps talk to someone about it. Anxiety can slow or stall labour - its not your fault at all, baby isn't ready for some reason... Book yourself in for a massage, go to the movies or do something that can help you reconnect with your baby. Even look into seeing a birth counsellor, they are great help. I know one in Melbourne and NSW but I dont know how far out they are in comparison to you. If you are interested let me know.

    I think its important to do some healing if you are feeling this way, I am sure labour wont be as enjoyable for you if you are already feeling this way.
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    baby4 Guest


    hi everyone and thanks for your kindness and support i am being induced on thursday and even though it means that i will meet my baby being induced is the last thing that i wanted emma your so close can you keep me posted on how you are going

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    chelleg Guest


    Hey baby4, can i ask where you're having your baby?

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    mum5boys Guest


    Hi, I wish I could cheer you up somehow as I know how depressed you can feel when you are overdue and are just waiting and waiting and waiting.
    At least you know if nothing happens on its own that you will be holding your beautiful baby in your arms on Thursday.

    Being induced isn't that bad, it does have its advantages like,its usually a quicker labour,
    You know when you are having the baby so you are ready and organised,did I mention the labours are usually quicker?
    My first 3 boys were induced and I always thought" its not fair why can't I go on my own like everyone else" then I had my 4th little boy and I went naturally,and I actually said to my DH that it was over rated because it was the longest labour I had ever had. Then my 5th boy I was overdue and went naturally as well but that was quicker, I am not to fussed this time whether I am induced or if I go naturally on my own as I have done both as long as I have my baby at the end thats all that really matters.

    I wish you all the luck for Thursday, but I hope you go earlier, just try and relax and rest as much as possible and enjoy your last few days being pg.( I know its easy for me to say that but I do understand what you are going through)

    Take Care

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    baby4 Guest


    Hi Chelleg Im Having My Baby At The John Hunter Hospital
    And Thanks For Your Kind Words Mum5boys I Should Listen To You As You No What Your Talking About At Least You No How Hard It Is To Wait So Long And I Didnt Realise That Being Induced Meant A Shorter Labour That Sure Sounds Good

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    Hopfully it is not too long for you now!

    I'm going to the JHH too!

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    chelleg Guest


    I'm working in Delivery Suite on Thursday, so never know might see you there! Hoping the next few days fly by for you and you have your little one in your arms before you know it

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    J - all the best. At last your baby will be here and you can finally be at peace with it all. All the best for a short, sweet, painfree labour

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    Meganamin Guest

    Default overdue..

    Hi baby4,
    I have been reading your posts and finally decided to register to say hello!
    I was "due" (so cruel) on the 1st of October, and like you, I am still pregnant..My first son was 5 days over and second son one week over, but I am still dissapointed.. and very sick of the heartburn!
    i have a doctors appoint tomorrow to discuss induction...ahhh.
    Its wonderful to read everyones feed back and positive comments.. I get on and check new posts everyday to give myself strength to get through another day of labour signs and braxton hicks but no true labour.
    Cant wait to hear how your story unravels.. all the best, megan x

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    baby4 Guest

    Thumbs up

    hi there
    challeg i cant believe you are working thursday i have to phone on thursday at 5pm to make sure delivery suite isnt packed and that its right for me to come in will you be ther in the arvo when im coming in keep me posted
    tegan wow we will possably be in hospital together my induction start late evening and they say i will be holding my baby by the 13th same as your due date pretty crazy how my babys possible due date in friday the 13th
    to meganamin life sux overdue and today is the first sign of me being happy i was starting to think i was getting real depression but now that i have a date ive realised its not knowing when you wait 40 weeks for this special day to come and when it doesnt holly hell did life go down hill for me other than my partner i have had conversations with only 2 other people i have hibanatted inside as i didnt want anyone coming near me and saying havent you popped yet as i think i would have punched them but hang in there like me youll have an induction date soon as well as they cant leave you to much longer good luck and keep me posted
    im booked into hospital under jane myles

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    Hi J
    Just wishing you the best for friday! I hope you go sooner than that but atleast you have the end in sight!
    My DD was due to be induced and she came into the world on her own the night before so hopefully that will happen for you too!
    fingers crossed.
    hugs Jenni

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    Meganamin Guest


    hi Jane and others!

    Saw Ob today and I am also booked in for Friday 13th induction.. (if he doesnt come on his own before then). My other two boys were born on 13th of different months so its quite fitting. I know what you mean about hibernation.. I dont answer the phone any more, the boys screen it for me..cant even handle Mums calls.
    i was going to ask Mother of 5 (brave woman) if she felt that induced labour was more painful? Did you need more pain relief than normal?
    Well I am in the middle of bath and dinner time.. so better kep moving.
    All the best. megan x

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    I think induced labour is alot more painful, but most of the tie its much quicker. I got through mine with just gas and one shot of pethadine, my labours were 3.5 and 4 hours long, from waters breaking (contractions started full on straght away)
    Hope i didnt scare you...

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    chelleg Guest


    Hi Jane
    I'm working the morning shift on Thursday, so may not run into you there but i'm working on one of the postnatal wards on Friday so might run into you there

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    Meganamin Guest


    Hi Jane,

    Anything happening? I am still suffering lots of BH and back pain but nothing more..Great news about tegan and baby..he sounds like a decent size! Do you feel absolutly gi normous? I can barely get around..
    Well Friday it is....
    Thanks Simone for your insight.. I am still hoping to go in on my own contractions not induced..although 4 hours doesnt sound bad.

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    mum5boys Guest


    Jane,Good luck for today. How exciting, it won't be long now before you will be holding your beautiful little baby in your arms.
    All the best and I will be watching for the wonderful announcement that you have had your baby.

    Megan also good luck to you for tomorrow or today. I hope you get your wish and go in on your own but like I told Jane being induced does have its advantages.
    I have been induced 3 times and gone in on my own twice and this time I am not really fussed which way it happens as long as I have my baby at the end of it all.

    All the very best to you both, I will be thinking of the 2 of you and watching out for some announcements.

    Take Care

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