thread: Stinging/Uncomfy Feeling?

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    ~Belinda~ Guest

    Stinging/Uncomfy Feeling?

    Man I have an active little girl in me. I get really uncomfortable sometimes down in the vaginal area, it feels like she scrapes her sharp fingernails along my cervix which causes me to jump a mile when sitting watching TV!

    At times, when I go to bed and I lie on my left side, I get a really uncomfy jabbing feeling but it's very quick.

    At the moment she has the hiccups (and it's so cute I think) but she never really stops moving. Her little bum/hip pokes me in the right side of my ribs!

    Does anyone else feel this uncomfortable feeling in their vaginal region, sometimes it stings but doesn't last long.

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    Sort of a shooting pain in the cervix area? I had that, don't know what is was but it happened from around 34ish weeks when I was sitting down.

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    ~Belinda~ Guest

    that's it! it isn't too painful but it makes me jump!

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    I use to get random pains that felt like DD (and DS also) was jabbing knitting needles through my cervix.

    It is probably them pushing against a nerve ending, sounds normal to me, but maybe just mention it to your caregiver if you are concerned.

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    Hi Bindy
    Yes this is quite normal. It is usually causd b your baby touching a nerve. Or sometimes just being in an akward position. Hopefully bub will move and give you some relief

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    Hey Bindy,

    I asked my OB about it last appointment and she said it was normal... that bubs was low and in the right position!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest

    Thanks everyone for their replies, you are all awesome, I just wanted to check whether anyone else had experienced this pain sometimes. Glad it's pretty normal, can't wait to meet her, hope she comes early!

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    kirbstar23 Guest

    Hey bindy...

    Been getting the loving little shocks myself.... like Yael said it feels like a knitting needle being jabbed into you! Sometimes too lie he's trying to fight his way down deeper... or his fist is about to reach out you fan fan.

    You haven't got long to go now.... enjoy all the little jabs!

    Love Kirby

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