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Thread: Stitch Pain

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    Default Stitch Pain

    Have found that now, after walking even a little bit, like, to the shops from my car, i get a stitch like pain, mostly in my R side, and occasionally in my left.
    I dont think i walk all that fast, but, it gets painful.
    I can only assume that its all normal?

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    Hi Mum2bee,

    Don't worry perfectly normal, i get it from just rolling over in bed and its mostly on my right side too, i have been told its from all the ligaments stretching in preparation for bub's big day out, i know its really painful, but normal!! take it easy when you can!!

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    Oh yep - I had that! I'm sure when people saw me suddenly grab my belly at the shopping centre they worried I was going into labour or something! hehe.

    I found if I sat down and consciously let my tummy muscles relax it went away. It's almost like they were getting tired holding up the belly

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