I had a weird dream about labour and birth last night. Really mixed up but basically I got told in the dream that I was pg again and everyone including me was very excited and I was getting congratulated. The only catch was the baby that I was carrying had to come out first. I remember everyone saying..well you are too far gone now to just get the other baby out any other way and you have to give birth naurally and have a labour. It was weird...and i dont know whether they were saying that the baby had passed away...though no one actually mentioned me having 'lost' the baby I almost felt like that was what they were saying. Like the further along pg was over and the new one was the one I needed to make room for iykwim. I walked into the kitchen and spoke to my doctor (who was actually a guy from Aldi in my dream lol) and told him about the new pg and the other one, the firther along one and he said..right well we have to organise something for you. You will have to give birth as we wont just take it out....you are too far gone. We will organise this for as soon as we possibly can.

WTF is that meant to mean? Wonder if that means that I am going to do it naturally and it will happen soon? And maybe the new pg symbolises the new life as it was a big deal and everyone was happy for me. And maybe the birth was just the 'end' and the finale. I dont know..it was weird.

Goodness knows because preggie dreams can be psycho but they can also be very meaningful in cryptic ways and the mother can be very in touch with things through her dreams. Who knows???