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    stretch marks

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to treat pregnancy stretch marks? and also why do the stretch marks go red? :-s

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    colleeg Guest

    I know Parlmers have a 'strech mark for pregnancy' that im using its suppose to help prevent them also fade them. its available from Chemists,or supermakets also Coco Butter is suppose to be good

    Good question about them being red, i know my belly button ring (the area) is very red, possibly from just being steched- id be keen to find out too.

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    I'm sure this gets topic gets brought up everytime there are a new cycle of pg people!! If you want to find a history of what people have said in the past, try the search function on the forum header. You should find lots to help you.
    As for my opinion - I have read there is nothing you can really do to prevent them as you are genetically disposed to getting them - a bit like cellulite. I think creams will help the skin retain moisture, and maybe will stop it stretching so badly, but when you think about what is happening to your body, its no wonder!!
    There are lots of ways that people claim to help them - aromatherapy oils, rubbing clockwise rather than anticlockwise, cocoa butter etc, but I think its just one of those things!
    I do know why they go red - but in this preggie brain moment, I cant think of it.

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    I just wrote a response & then forgot to submit it #-o

    Basically I agree with what Fi said... I think that lotions help the stretch marks fade quicker as well...

    On the red, I'm not entirely sure, but what I was thinking during PG that when you get a burn or a scar from an injury to your skin it always goes red and skin turns red when it is actually "healthy" and regenerating from an injury, so maybe that's why stretch marks turn red? I mean if they went black it would be a bit scary...

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    You might like to read this post HERE in which I posted an article on stretchmarks.
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    You can`t prevent stretch marks from happening, some women are more prone to them then others as well.

    I use Palmers Coco Butter for stretch marks and have been using it since I was 4 weeks, so far so good (crosses fingers, toes, everything) and remember to keep using it after pregnancy when your skin goes back into shape after bubs.

    I see your due same day as me, come and join us in 3rd TRi - I`ll warn you it`s very busy in there and so hard to keep up so just jump on in.

    Take Care


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    Yep I agree, genetics is a big factor. But also, you need to be aware of how quickly you put on the weight - there is pg weight and there is pig out I'm eating for 2 weight. It helps if you progressively put on the weight in a healthy manner.

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    colleeg Guest

    is the third trimester forum just on the main page?

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    You won't be able to prevent them completely but you may be able to prolong the time it takes for them to appear. Try rubbing a stretch mark cream like palmers or even vitamin E cream into your belly every day after you have a shower. I used nutrimetics nutri-rich oil and I found that I didn't get stretch marks until the last month. But then again I don't know if that was from using the cream or because my tummy was already stretched a bit from first pg! I think probably a bit of both. Anyway, you have nothing to lose by trying something. Also I found that after pg the stretch marks faded really quickly. Now I have little silver lines on my belly but they are barely noticeable, so it's not so bad.

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    Bodyshop Body Butter in Olive!! YAY, but I like the papaya cos it smells so damn good!!

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    I love the bodyshop butters - mmmmm....

    colleeg, come and join us in 3rd tri - you should find the Feb thread HERE.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Jay-b - unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent stretchmarks. Like Fi said, if you are genetically pre-disposed to them, you are going to get them. Pregnancy will bring them on as your skin stretches.
    They go red because as the skin stretches, it actually tears (there's more technical jargon for this but this is my basic understanding). They will fade over time and keeping moisture up to them will help them to fade faster but there is no cream in this world that will stop them or prevent them.
    I guess it's just something that we need to accept. Unfortunately it is not talked about enough in society so when people see them, they freak out. They are normal and natural. People who don't get them are extremely lucky.

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    I just thought I would but in here, my sister had terrible stretchmarks after heving her bub and about 6 months ago she came across something at the pharmacy called bio oil. It's cheap and lasts for ages and smells great and it also worked wonders on her stretchmarks. They have gone from deep red/purple wide rivers all over her belly to barely nothing and that was after only using it for about a month. She said she noticed a difference after the first few days!!

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    I don't mind having my stretchmarks. I don't think there is much you can do about them.

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    i love my stretch marks,
    they were all white and faded form first pregnancy but now there all purply red again, but i like them there..
    i do have some cocoa butter but ive never used it

    take care

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    Jackie Guest

    I used to use Vaseline intensive care, I don't have any stretch marks on my belly, but didn't cream my boobs and they have stretch marks..
    Not sure if that means that it works..??