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Thread: Stretch Marks ~ Skin Care

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    Hello Gorgeous Preggie Women,

    I am really keen to hear how you all manage these marks and what seems to be working, or not...

    I am using Palmers Cocoa Butter with Elastic, Shea Butter and Vitamin Ed every morning on my hips, bum and tum.
    I have been given a lovely massage oil too with and I will have a lovely gentle rub with this in the tum goes all soft and babe has a lovely stretch at this time.

    Still...very early on I started getting these cherry coloured stretch marks on my hips, and now just recently I have started getting the silvery ones on my under-belly.

    I have heard some vitamin supplements help?
    What do you do to reduce the chances of stretch marks?

    What do you do to heal them?

    I am dedicated to minimalising!!
    one of the sites I liked a lot is They have an interesting treatment with herbs for pregnancy stretch marks and many other problems. The feedback is also very good so take a look at that.

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    I got em and I put Bio Oil on every day for my whole pregnancy.. definately in the family here too.. bugger!

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