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Thread: Stretch and Sweep??????

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    Question Stretch and Sweep??????

    Helllo everyone,
    This coming saturday is my due date and i have been encoraged to go in and have a stretch and sweep done at the local hospital by the midwifes, i was just wondering has anyone else had this done and what are your experiences with this etc.....
    I have heard its a little uncomfortable but thats about it and i have been told that it can be quite successful i was just wanting you thoughts on it first hand so i can clearly make my mind up about it.....

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    HI Mumma,
    I havae had a couple! Yes, they are uncomfy, but it doesn't last long. It will help to smarten things up a little if they are willing to be smartened up!

    I definitely would do it. I would also use some Evening Primrose OIl afterwards - a couple of capsules used as a pessary inserted up high onto your cervix. Lay wil a pillow under your hips for a while after ward. Do this twice a day. Also take them orally (follow dosage on bottle). I truly believe this helps. It is gentle and more natural way of getting things going.
    Don't continue with the pessaries if your membranes have ruptured and of course use scrupulously clean fingers to insert the capsules.

    Good luck Mumma - the waiting game is a hard one.

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    I had one with DS - it was a little uncomfy but certainly not unbearable or anything. No worse than a rough pap smear
    Didn't do anything though. I had it a couple of days before I was due to be induced, I had some contractions on and off for the rest of the day but it didn't start labour.

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    Yeah - they aren't the comfiest things, but to encourage things to move more naturally for you is a great idea. A rough pap smear (or like a Vaginal exam) is pretty accurate.
    I'll be getting one (if not 2!!) if I'm a day over 40w this time around. I really dont want to be induced again.

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