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    I am 33 weeks and 3 weeks ago my little baby decided to flip into the breech position. I know I still have time for him to flip back to the head 1st position but for the last 3 weeks it feels like he has been stuck not being able to turn around coz he is constantly kicking in the one spot (he feels like he is trying to turn but cant quite get there) I am just worried if in flipping before that the cord might have wrapped around him and thats obstructing him trying to turn.

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    Moving to third tri discussion.
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    same thing happened to me , he was head down but stuck in my hip , and was back to back with me , nothing had changed and by 38 weeks i got booked in for a c section , doctors explanation was as the baby cant engage properly it cant send labour signals and i would be a long time over due or need induction , which he said would be ending in a ce sec any way because ds was tangeld in the cord ..

    the c sec took about 35 mins to get him out , he was deliverd by forceps and had brusing and a cut on his head from the scalpel ...

    not to scare you but i went to the hosp appt saying that it felt like he was stuck and couldnt turn .. and thats how it turned out ...

    get as much info as you can and try not to stress ....i hope it all goes well for you ...

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    Have you checked out the Spinning Babies website? It may have some answers for you hth?

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    try not to stress to much we found out at 31 weeks that or bub was breech had to have a repeat U/S at 35 weekd\s to check and sure enough bub was still breech now because of this i have a quick U/S check every week just to make sure to see if he has fliped or not if your bub stays breech they will talk to you about ECV wich is turning bub externally and they do a very indepth U/S and find the cord and make sure all is well,babies do get tangled in there cords sometimes but i have been told its pretty rear that they hurt themselfs my first 5 all had the cord around there necks twice and all were born vaginally and without complecation and all very healthy.

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