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Thread: Sudden expansion in fundal height over three weeks

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    Default Sudden expansion in fundal height over three weeks

    Hi all

    My best gf is 36 weeks along. Her fundal height was measuring right on target at her 33 week check up. But at her check up yesterday she was measuring at 41 weeks!!

    She is going in for an u/s today. She had a lot of extra testing done early in the pg for chromosonal abnormalities as this bub was conceived unexpectedly after she'd had some live vaccines for travelling abroad, but everything has come back clear. So she isn't terribly concerned.

    Why would there be a sudden increase in fundal height at this stage? Everything else is going well, she is feeling well, etc.


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    Maybe bubs has just changed position dramatically???

    not sure as I never even got to 36 weeks LOL

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    Hi Jennifer,

    Did the same person measure it as the previous time? It could be because a different person took the measurement, or that bubs changed positions

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    My Ob never took notice of fundal measurements as it can change due to fluid levels, baby's position etc... doesnt mean much.
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    Most places no longer bother with the fundal height. It is very inaccurate. I would not be worried

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    Thanks guys, I have spoken to her and the u/s showed everything okay. Baby has changed position (I asked) and is facing the opposite way. They also told her what weight they thought baby was, but I told her that could be wildly inaccurate. Could just be a long baby and with the position change has made 'measuring' different.

    I might tell her next time what you just said Alan! My ob never told me mine, other than it was what he'd expect for me at that stage.

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