thread: Suggestions/Remedies would be greatly appreciated....

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    Oct 2004
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    Suggestions/Remedies would be greatly appreciated....

    Hi ladies....Well I am not enjoying the past few weeks very much as I near the end of this pregnancy.

    One of the most uncomfortable side-effects of pregnancy that has really annoyed me is the excess fluid downstairs. I've taken to wearing liners but I find that because of the extra fluid/moisture I'm getting itchy.

    Fairly sure I don't have an infections; I guess it's just kinda like a poor little bub getting nappy rash from having a wet bum. I've tried changing my liners more frequently but I am so uncomfortable that I actually resorted to using a little Curash nappy cream on the area just to alleviate the soreness. It's really just somewhat raw skin.

    *sigh* Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....

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    Jun 2005

    Sorry i have no miracle cure for you but i do hope it eases off and doesn't last the rest of your pg. Has your midwife/OB got any suggestions for you??

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    Jul 2005

    have you thought about incontinence pads/liners - they're meant to keep you dryer longer....

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    I've never used liners before, so don't know how dry they keep you. Perhaps like DiannaQ said with incontinence pads/liners, maybe light menstrual pads? Coz they might be better at drawing the wetness away from your skin.

    Sorry to hear you're so uncomfortable Hope it eases up and you can find a solution.

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    i know it's not thrush or anything but keep up your yoghurt intake. Maybe cranberry juice too. Just incase that's why it's itchy and sore. Maybe ask a pharmacist as well. Poor you Beck, doesn't sound like fun. xoxoox

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    Just a thought, but are the liners you are using plastic backed?

    I tend to get thrush if I use the plastic backed ones so I always get the ones that are breathable.

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    Back in Brisvegas :)

    Thanks for all of your suggestions ladies. I'm going to look for some non-plastic backed liners and check out the range of incontinence pads.

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    Another great thing to ease the soreness/itching is pinetarsol gel. You just wash the area with it in the shower, leave it on for a couple of minutes then rinse. You can get a tube of it at the chemist, maybe just double check with the pharmacist that it is safe for pregnancy.