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    julesy Guest

    Smile sweeping membranes

    Hi all!

    Am anxiously waiting for my bubs to arrive. The ultrasound says she was due on the
    17th, but dates say 19th...either way, she is smack bang in the middle, and I am getting so much pressure on my cervix, half the time I feel as though she could pop out right then and there!

    During an internal on Friday, my OB 'swept' my membranes, and I lost the mucous plug. Then today, I had to see the OB covering for my usual OB (who has gone on holidays for a week...) and she did another internal, and swept the membranes too. Since then I've had a more bloody show (sorry if TMI) and a more acute awareness of pressure and period like ache down there. ALso having some headaches I can't seem to shake, and feel a bit nauseous now and then. Could things be moving along???

    Apparently my cervix is still a bit firm, but 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. I hope she decides to make her entrance tonight, we are getting so bored twiddling our thumbs!!!


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    Apparently in about 7 months I will be a qualified midwife - yikes!


    Oohhhhhh Goodluck Julesy, can't wait to read your birth announcement!

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