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    How much swelling is too much swelling?

    Should you ring the hospital about your swelling?

    I know that if you suddenly develop swelling in your hand, feet and face you should get seen too. I dont have swelling in my face though.

    I have had swollen ankles for a while now but yesterday my ankles, legs and tops of my feet got really really swollen and i was laying in bed and i realised the top of one of my feet and some of my toes were feeling numb. I dont know whether this is something to worry about or not? I have mild swelling in my fingers and none that i notice in my face.

    Overnight the numb feeling has gone away. The swelling is still heaps but at least the feeling has come back.

    Has anyone had this?

    What should i do if it happens again?

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    hi kristi
    i rang my midwife last night, because i was worried about my extremely swollen feet/ankles. she asked if i had a headache, which i didn't. i think they check for pre-eclampsia, if you have headache & high blood pressure with it. i know the face swelling is supposed to be the thing to worry about.
    i'd ring the hospital if it was me - just to put your mind at ease. not sure what the numbness means.
    all the best for the rest of your pregnancy,

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    Yep I rang my midwives recently when I had swelling of my hands suddenly but just to let them know. I had a midwife appt the next day & my BP was fine so they weren't worried. Its worth just letting them know if you notice it so its on record too.

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