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Thread: swelling/cramping/numbness

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    Default swelling/cramping/numbness

    lately i have been getting very swollen feet, to the point where they dont look like my feet!! my rings have no chance of fitting halfway down my fingers, and when i wake up every morning, i have numb hands and fingers, untill i get up and start using them!
    and i keep getting leg cramps, i woke up this morning with one of my fingers cramped and i couldnt straiten it, i had to get my boyfriend to massage it and try top straien it for me! lol

    my mum and doctor have said 'just another pregnancy symptom'

    anyone else swell up like me!

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    getinmybelly!! Guest


    Yep, I haven't worn any shoes other than my thongs in months. One thing that helps I discovered yesterday was a foot massage. Also keep your feet raised.

    I took my rings off at about 22 weeks.

    Its a pain...but unless you have high blood pressure, or protein in your urine or start seeing stars in your eyes (flashes of light)...its most likely normal...and yes, one of the joys of pregnancy.

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    Rachy - for the cramps, try one to two Blackmores Biomagnesium tablets a day. They really helped me a lot (also recommended by doctor).

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    For cramps my Dr recommended a calcium and magnesium supplement which was working well until I forgot to take them regularly....

    Really should remember to do that LOL

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    Rachy you may have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome with your hands..

    I started getting numb hands/arms and pins and needles from 25wks to 27wks (when bubs was born) each morning i woke up!

    My feet were swollen (really swollen) each day due to fluid but i didn't get cramps.. Make sure you elevate your legs at night and for your hands if they don't get any better you will have to start wearing splinters on your wrists when you sleep at night..

    How are your symptoms progressing now?

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