thread: Swelling feet.....

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    Swelling feet.....

    Hi all,

    Not sure if I need to worry, so thought I'd ask the question here........

    The past 2 days have seen my feet swell up. Not to much: I can still put sandals on, but enough to notice the swelling. No pain at all.

    I did "overdo" things a bit on Sunday, & I am in 33`c humid heat all day, so I could put it all down to that. Plus of course I am carrying all this pregnancy weight around with me, which may cause my feet to swell. I usually drink about 3litres of water a day (due to the heat) so I don't think it can be dehydration/water retention?

    OR, is this a sure sign of pre-eclampsia? Do I need to panic?

    I had my BP done last Wednesday with my OB, and it was "normal", and my BP is normally fine, and on the low side.

    I guess my question is, is swelling feet "normal" at this stage, or should I definately get myself checked out?

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    Lucy get yourself checked out.

    I had very mild swelling of the hands and feet at 37wks and at my checkup with Kameron at 37weks 4 days and I ended up having mild pre-eclampsia. You can always just ring the hospital and ask as well. I have rang once already during a hot spell with swelling of hands and feet and was told if I had no headache with it not to worry too much.

    But it is better to be safe than sorry. My blood pressure was always fine as well till 37wks and 4days where is sky rocketed.


    Love :smt049

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    on the fun of swelling

    i've had the same sort of thing on and off for the past two weeks. usually at the end of the day or after walking lots. my midwife said it's perfectly normal as long as it's slight and it doesn't last all day for several days. most women have some fluid retention apparently. especially in hotter climates. hope that eases yr worries. it helped with mine.


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    May 2003
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    God I love my OB/Midwife.

    Phoned them this morning at 8am, saw them both by 9.00am, was home again by 9.15, and they didn't make me feel like a worry wort!

    They both had a good look at me, took my wee sample, took my BP, had a feel, listened to the baby's heartbeat: the works.

    (Then my OB had to run off to deliver a baby!!)

    All fine, all normal, all average, nothing to worry about. The midwife said to "stop overdoing it" and to rest up more. So will be doing lots of "bugger all" today!!

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    That is great news Lucy. It is easier to put your mind and ease then having to worry about it

    Best of luck and lots of love for the remaining time

    Love :smt049