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Thread: swelling and joint pain

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    Default swelling and joint pain

    I have had swelling in my hands and feet for the last 2 or 3 weeks. at my last check up the dr advised it was fluid retention as my BP was not up and had no keytones? in my urine (sorry if TMI) but today the swelling is bad in my hands and the joints are sore as are my arms and legs. my feet i think are a little swollen but i cant tell as i have not seen much of them the last few months. any one else had this problem? should i be seeing my DR straight away or just wait until my appointment on thursday?

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    I had a little bit of swelling during my pregnancy, but my joints hurt more. I think its due to the extra weight and pressure that is put on our joints when pregnant which causes them to flare up and become painful. Try to get as much rest as possible and keep off your feet whenever possible. If it gets to painful maybe try taking a couple of panadol too. Good luck.

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