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Thread: swollen ankles!

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    Question swollen ankles!

    hi everyone im jusyt asking for a bit of advice, this is my 3rd baby and
    today i have come up with one very swollen and sore ankle. it seems like a bit of my actual leg is swollen as well, its the first time this has happened to me,
    im currenty 35.1 weeks pregnant,

    anyone with the same problems , or how to fix, sooth it ect it would be much appreciated

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    Hey there

    I had pretty severe fluid retention with my 1st, but lucky enough not to have gotten much this time, and I think its only because I am not working this time and all day on my feet. So maybe try elevating your feet for a bit each day if possible at all. With other kids I know that can be difficult, especially with younger ones... But I have had swollen ankles a little this time only when Ive had a big day on my feet, and the hubby watches the little one while I soak my feet in the bath, the warm water really helps and I found that cold air or anything cold seemed to of made it worse (might be different for everyone else I dont know). I used to sleep with a hot water bottle on my feet before bed really helped releive the pain cause sometimes the pain felt as though it was going through to my bone.

    I hope you find something that works, swollen ankles can be really painful at times... you poor thing.

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    This is a very common problem in the latter part of pregnancy. It is caused by the weight of your baby pressing on your veins causing a reduction in the blood flow from your legs to your heart.
    To help relieve the swelling try the following
    Put your feet up as often as you can.
    When you put your feet up exercise them.
    Cut down on your salt intake
    Put the bottom of your bed on blocks or put a pillow under the mattress so your feet are higher than the rest of your body.

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    I hope it eases for you soon by doing the things suggested by others. I find feet up and air con really helps...well that and not having to get up 100 times to my 3 other kids .

    I just wanted to check though that there is no "hot spot" or lump anywhere that could indicate a girlfriend had one in her leg towards the end of pregnancy and had to wear support stockings (in summer ).

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