thread: Swollen feet and High blood pressure......

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005

    Hi all,

    Just thought i'd pop in and give you all an update.

    Today i had a midwives and Dr's appt at the hospital and unfortunatly my BP has gone back up to 150/100 again so now i have to go back in for day observation tomorrow.
    They also told me i will have to be monitored closely which means i have to have blood tests and urine tests daily from now. They told me to get some help so i have my mum coming over the weekend to stay until things are better.May even have bub by the end of the month if this continues.YAY.

    Take care Leah

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    glad to hear you have your mum helping you leah. i hope your BP stabilises for you,


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    Custardtart Guest

    Heh.. where would we be without our Mums? I've just decided to call mine and ask her to do the school pick-up today because as the day goes on I just get too tired and sore to want to get in and out of the car! I'm going to get her to take the kids to sports so that I can go and soak in the hydrotherapy pool and feel weightless for a while!


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Hi there Leah

    I hope you don't mind me asking but at what point in your pregnancy were you diagnosed with HBP and what was your BP at that point for them to diagnose you??

    Also have they put you on any Medication?? or is it just a matter of them monitoring you??

    I'm 18 weeks and this week for some unknown reason my blood pressure has risen - last Thursday it was 150/85, then on Monday it was 155/78 - which meant that i had to go to the hospital - where it dropped to 145/78 they then sent me home....with the need for me to follow up with my GP which i did on Wednesday and low and behold she totally freaked that they sent me home which in return made me panic a little - it seems that there is a lot of talking going on but not much action.

    I've been advised to transfer to St George hospital as they have a Hypertension unit and Sutherland Hospital (where i am already booked) don't - however when i called the hospital (St George) to see if I can get an urgent appointment again I got the feedback that yes this was urgent however I need to fill in paperwork and get my doctor to fill in her bit before they will make an appointment (and they wonder why i have HBP....)

    So to cut a long story short i'm interested in other peoples circumstances and results as you lovely ladies seem to give me more info then any of the docs of the hospitals...

    Sorry for the long winded email - I'm just a little concerned about this situation.

    thanks heaps

    dianna 8-[

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Dianna

    My BP was diagnosed as HBP at 23 wks roughly.I think for memory it was 140/85, just below the danger point which is 150/90 and I had traces of protein in my wee.At that point the doc said because I had HBP so early on I had to relax or maybe cut back on work hours or go on maternity leave.I took the option of maternity leave thanks to my employer freaking out and scared to have me there.My BP dropped and stayed normal untill this week.

    I have had sudden swelling of my feet, legs and ankles and headaches.My BP was back up to 135/85.The doc said its the lower number that they worry about, cause if it hits 90 then theres a problem.They didn't do a wee test or anything.I got a newbie doc and all she said was "oh well we are seeing you weekly anyway and its to soon to put you on HBP medication!?' WHAT THE?!I only have 2 wks to go and she was talking medication!How dumb!Little late for medication I thought.But I'm like you there seems to be no urgency in them following up or treating HBP.Needless to say if I have bad headaches again or any other symptoms that its flaring up I'm going straight to the hospital and demanding more tests!!!!

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    Custardtart Guest

    My BP shot up as soon as I became pregnant, so I was put on medication when I was about four weeks pregnant. My BP was consistently measuring about 150/90, even with medication, so they increased the dose which has brought it down to about 145/85.

    Fortunately I don't have any of the other symptoms associated with pre-eclampsia, I did start to get swollen ankles at one point and was told to put my feet up more, once I started resting the swelling went down but my BP remains borderline. I don't anticipate any problems, but I did have this issue with my first pregnancy and my BP went sky-high during labour which resulted in them transferring me to an emergency ward during labour (note - you do NOT want to be getting in an ambulance and changing hospitals in the middle of labour, it's NOT a fun experience!) and I had to have an epidural to bring the BP down. The second labour I went through, there were no BP problems at all, even though it was registering a little high throughout the pregnancy.

    Sorry if this is TMI, I just thought you might be interested in another experience. Having HBP does not automatically mean you will have pre-eclampsia, it's just a warning that you need to monitor your health.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Hi there All

    Thanks for your replies - they are very helpful

    In the mean time since posting i have managed to score an emergency appointment on Monday at the "High Risk maternity section" at St George hospital - I called a few people and miraculously it took the receptionist at the specialists to tranfer my call to the hospital - i think she had a little chat with someone because I was offered an appointment pretty much straight away after that - it helps to grovel a little i've discovered.

    I've also got an appointment with the Specialist on the 7th Sept (the earliest one available....) so here's hoping all stays ok until then.

    When I did the urine test it also came up with traces of Protein - but obviously not enougth for the hospital to be concerned as they sent me home....

    Just out of curiosity - what are the side effects of taking medication for HBP through pregnancy?? no one has told me that part yet - they just seem reluctant to administer it....

    In the mean time I've seen my naturpath who has me taking - calcium, magnesium and fish oil supplements - as these are not only good for the baby but are also beneficial for HBP - here's hoping they work - she has assured me that these will work - she is also going to take my blood pressure twice a week - one on a week day the other on a Sunday to see if the root cause of my dramas are work related and stress related - i'd bet money on it that it is - but at 18 weeks pregnant I'm not that prepared to give up work yet if i can avoid it - but if i have to, i have to - either way want to get all the advice i can get before making any major decisions.

    Geez pregnancy can be a trying time..... #-o but staying positive as that's about all i can do. O

    thanks again for all your feedback

    dianna xx

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    Custardtart Guest

    I haven't come across any reluctance to administer BP medication during pregnancy, it's apparently safe to take Aldomet (methyldopa) throughout pregnancy - but then, my BP has been borderline ever since my first pregnancy, so I guess I was an automatic candidate for medication once it rose.

    The way I'm given to understand it, the umbilical cord is a little like a pressure hose, if your blood pressure is too high then the blood doesn't pass through the cord properly and your baby doesn't get the nutrition it needs, which is why they monitor HBP so closely when it hits that borderline area when you are pregnant.

    On the plus side, this is not a rare condition and a lot is known about it. Next time you see your doctor, bug them to give you as much information as they can about it all, so you can make informed choices. Here's hoping you are well and healthy!