thread: Taste buds......

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    May 2007

    Taste buds......

    Why does everything have to taste so horrible at the moment. I have not been able to eat meat the whole pregnancy and certain veggies have been out too but recently everything has started to taste like it has chemicals or petrol or something nasty in it.

    Is anyone else experiencing a major shift in food taste??

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    Aug 2007

    for me at the moment its minced meat and sausages. they make me dry reach. i had a real problem when i made spaghetti bol last week and couldnt eat any of it. all i wanted to do was hurl

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    May 2007

    Oh I know what you mean Michelle and what is worse is when you think "yeah that would be nice for dinner" spend all the time cooking, dish it out then stop before it even reaches your mouth thinking "Nope can't do it"
    *sigh* the things these kiddies put us through!!! LOL!

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    Sep 2007

    I had the same thing as Michelle with spag bol, but just while I had morning sickness - right after I'd made a huge batch of it. Luckily the aversion wore off after a while - or the sauce would still be sitting in the freezer now!

    But I have been finding meat eally difficult again in the last month or so, except for once every couple of weeks when I just crave it! I know a woman who had morning (and day and night) sickness for her entire pregnancy, the only things she could keep down were cheese and tomato sandwiches and coke. She lost 15kg throughout her pregnancy and gave birth to a 9pd healthy baby!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest

    hmmm i don't have issues with my taste buds at the moment but i can say that i haven't got much of an appetite lately! it's strange

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    Sep 2005
    South Coast NSW

    hmmm, i never had a problem with any of my previous pregnancies, although this one i eat and i am totally not satisfied! I dunno what it is, i cant handle food cooking either...
    Goodluck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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    kirbstar23 Guest

    I'm another one who has lost her appitite... I'm struggling to get enough food in even, obs said it's ok as long as i'm still drinking heaps.
    Next door neighbours last week were cooking a BBQ and i ended up with head down the loo. Now is actually worse than in the 1st trimester... i've hurled more anyway!
    Love Kirby

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    Apr 2004

    im the same, cant stand meat or veggies. im in love with dairy, carbs and chocolate though - not so good for the waistline. have been so good up until now with weight gain but now that i have hit 38.5 weeks its like the baby is having a massive growth spurt and i cant stop eating!

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