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Thread: Tearing pain on R side?

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    Question Tearing pain on R side?


    I was off work most of last week with a bad cold, and when I went back to work this week I had very hectic days - stressful job, 2.5 hrs driving to and from work etc etc. Three nights this week I've had really bad pains on my R side - the first time I got it it was like tearing your abdominal muscles - took my breath away. Also, my tummy got hard and it seemed to come in waves for several hours.

    Are these just bad BH from overdoing it, or could something else be going on? I'm only 30.5 weeks.

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    I don't want to be alarmist, but I had a little pain like this a while ago, with swelling hands and feet...thankfully for me it was just over doing things but....

    Do you have swollen feet hands and/or face? Any nausia, headaches, high blood pressure? I was told that any pain in your upper tummy could indicate pre eclampsia. If you have any other symptoms or even if your'e just not too sure, call or go to the dr as this can be serious.
    I hope it is nothing for you too like it was for me, take thing easy for a few days. I hope you feel better soon.

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    BH shouldn't be painful. They are more uncomfortable than anything. It sounds like ligament pain, your ligaments get stretched to the SH douring PG, you could have actually torn a ligament if the pain is that bad. If you are still getting the pain in a day or so, I would maybe see a DR.

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    Yeah I also think that you have either torn/pulled a muscle or a ligament

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    Thanks guys. The last couple of days not being at work has helped a lot. I don't have lots of swelling, but had a headache with the cold and nausea with that too.

    Am seeing my GP on Thursday so I'll mention it to her then.

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