thread: Terrible heartburn

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    Jan 2008
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    Terrible heartburn

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm 28 weeks pg with twins and am stuck in bed in hospital. I have got the most terrible heartburn. Here's what I am doing now to try to help.

    Never lying flat
    Taking mylanta
    Drinking milk
    Ob now put me on Zantac it is so bad

    Does anyone else have any ideas to help me..I don't like to complain but I'm REALLY suffering.



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    Jun 2008

    Oh Bel, I remember the awful heartburn. Not fun... and I had it fairly mild.

    All I did was chew on Tums tablets. They helped me heaps.


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    Sep 2008
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    So sorry you are going through this, Bel- it really is the most awful feeling. I got to the point with DS where I couldn't drink water without getting it!!! I lived on Rennies- that's all I can offer. I hope it improves, hon! And all the best with rest of your pregnancy!

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    Nov 2006

    I can only suggest to lay off the soft drink and caffine if your having any and possibly skipping the chips. Hosp food always seemed to have chips.

    I noticed my heartburn flared up after coke (which i love) and also chips/steak with fat. I layed off for a week,taking mylanta as a prevention before bed (only seem to get in the middle of the night). After that week it was heaps better. Have had a mild case which i managed to head off.

    I would be complaining as i told my husband my first heartburn attack was as painful as labour. The pain was so bad i threw up which made it unbearable. I was laying on our back stairs naked (cause i'd been down for a shower to wash off spew) moaning like a woman in labour. Funny in hindsight but not at the time.

    I normally can't sleep sitting up but found i was able to nod off sitting up using a beanbag behind my head/back.

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    Feb 2006

    i found gaviscon the best for heartburn, i also had accupunture, but that may be a little hard seen as your in hospital the zantac should help

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    Jan 2008
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    Thanks ladies...all suggestions will be tried in my search for an end this foul pain! I haven't got to pain worse than labour yet..I hope that isn't to come!

    Thanks so much


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    Dec 2006
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    I was on Pariet in my 3rd trimester, as long as I remembered to take it every day I was fine.

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    Sep 2008
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    Tums were the best for me..

    My father who suffers from heartburn and usually has quick eze or whatever was surprised how fast the tums worked and they actually taste not to bad, they sorta have an orange flavor to them.

    Good luck.

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    Feb 2007

    yeah i agree re the tums - i have had bad heartburn with both pregs and i also have an ulcer which makes it worse.. someone told me totry tums and i think they are FAB.

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    Feb 2009

    Only thing I ever found helped me with heartburn was to lay on he side its on with nothing on. Bras and tight clothes just seemed to keep aggrivating it. So I slink off to my room, strip down and lay on my side with a nice cool sheet over me.

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    there are definately stronger drugs they can give you than zantac, so do tell them. Poor love it is horrible.

    Going to sound dumb, but have you tries Fruit Tingles? (you know the lollies) - they are mainly sodium bicarbonate - they really seem to work, though you do get sick of them after a bit.

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    Jan 2008
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    You ladies have some GREAT advice.

    Would LOVE to rip off all my clothes but since I'm in hospital I might just scare a few people LOL!!

    Will try the fruit tingles because I love them anyway and it's a good excuse to eat lollies.

    And will get mum to buy me some Tums and will research the Pariet.

    Thanks for all your replies


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    Mar 2007