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    So for two weeks I have been having pre labour / fales labour symptoms on and off. Last week at Ob / Gym was 2cms dilated and was told I would go anytime. I thought it would be by now.
    Sat night was a bad night but I think yesterday was even worse!!

    My husband worked til late and I was cramping like crazy by the time he arrived home. Then the cramps were pretty regular about 40-60 minutes apart. There were bad enough I got sick to my stomach. I thought I was in labour for sure, lots of rectal pressure, using the washroom etc. Yesterday during day I was tired, sluggish, and felt under the weather so.....

    But then it stopped. The cramps too seemed contraction like as started at the top of abs instead of below. This morning I feel like ****E......tired, frustrated and feel like crying. If I go today, labour will be hard since I am sooooo tired.

    I see the Dr tomorrow, I hope he keeps me and induces me!! Ha. I am tired of this pregnancy. I know I have 11 days left till due date but I am so ready to go and cramps since the 12th.

    None of my friends have had this pre labour experience, most their water broke and had to head off to hospital or one had a planned C Section. I read that it is normal on the net but still feeling sorry for myself.

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    its good that you are seeing your Dr tomorrow, maybe talk your emotions through with him or a midwife, they should be able to help you wait out the next 11 days or so.. The last couple of weeks are often hard to cope with, just try and relax as much as possible as although you need strength for the labour you also need strength for when you bring bubba home!

    hope that you are very close to going into labour and this pre-labour trot you are having speeds up!

    There are some great articles on here about natural induction therapies... i just dont know how to posts a link??

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    I know how you feel, I have been doing the pre labour thing for the last week and I don't get any sleep because of it. I have my midwife appt today, maybe I will get some answers, I haven't even been checked to see if I am dialated or anything, it is very distracting and I spend more time watching the clock than getting things done that need to be done, oh the joys!!!

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    Thanks for the support. I am feeling a little better this afternoon. No cramps, had a little nap, looking forward to seeing my Dr tomorrow. I will make it through this.

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    I know how you feel. I'm due on the 28th and been doing the pre labour thing for a week which is driving us crazy. It was exciting initially thinking it may be soon but now it's just frustrating. I'm just ready for it to start properly. Oh well. We'll hang in there. It can't be too far away!

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    I hear you, today i'm in so much pain with period cramping that I had to take panadeine and I'm hoping it will settle down soon or I'm going to go crazy.

    What annoys me, is unlike most getting toward this stage in pregnancy, I have purposely done nothing to encourage labour, no EPO or RLT yet, been very careful about DTDing, walking and I've been spending alot of time 'anti-gravity' and just avoiding anything that might induce labour as I really don't want to go into labour yet, especially not in the next two weeks, but I'd rather go to term, yet still I'm having these bloody hours of prelabour pain. It's not fair! I can't move without having massive braxton hix contractions either. To walk into the doctor's office today took 4 stops.

    Argh, I'm over it!

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