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Thread: Are these normal overdue problems?

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    Default Are these normal overdue problems?

    Hey all,
    I'm a few days overdue and have the following health problems that I did not have two weeks ago:

    swelling (so much so that I can't close my fingers?)
    sore joints (arms, shoulders, hips, fingers etc..)
    acne and ezcma
    sweating / hot flushes

    I did not have any of these two weeks ago, they have been slowly creaping up on me making my life more unbearable every day..

    I should not be late, I ovulated on day 14 so I'm definately overdue... My last appointment with the MW was 2 mins as they were too busy to see me so I could not ask them if this was normal...

    Also, baby has been moving, but not as much - I think she is also not feeling good? Is this normal?

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    I would go back to the midwife asap. You have a myriad of symptoms that could show high blood pressure or some sign of infection. I dont want to worry you but I think it's best that you get checked out straight away. If you are worried about them being busy write a list, go in there and say I have a list of things I am worried about and then go on to read them. They shouldnt be fobbing you off. All the best, goodluck.
    Let us know how you go.


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    Absolutely. Go to the delivery suite or at the very least give them a call. You are entitled to quality health care and if you are not receiving it, complain. Good luck

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    Cee. I hate when health care professinals fob you off. Feeling like baby is not moving as much is enough for you to go in and be monitored. Call them right away and tell them that and then list the other problems. If they don't tell you to go in, give them a hard time. You should at least be given another check up. I would start the conversation with "I'm xx overdue and I can't feel my baby moving as much". if they don't get you in - ask to speak to the Nurse Unit Manager.

    Good luck and I hope your little ones greets you soon!


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    CeeCee - how are you feeling?? During the whole pregnancy and especially during the end , I was constantly calling the hospital and going to the assesment unit. There were many false alarms , but the last time it turns out I was leaking amniotic fluid , and baby was at risk of infection - so dont worry about anything but Alexandra & yourself , if your feeling different at this stage - id call the hospital or just go straight in... who cares if your wrong and everythings ok ?? At least you'll have peace of mind !
    Im checking birth announcements everyday for you and Tanya !!

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    thanks girls,
    I will ring the B/C now and see if someone can see me - even if just for a check up.. My next check up is Monday, but I don't think I can wait that long... DH has the car doing teh shopping so will need to wait till he returns and just go in then... thanks for your advise..

    thanks for thinking of us Enigma - I feel thta it is just so unfair that we have not had our babies yet...every day is just killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I hope everything is going ok for you CeeCee.


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    hey all,
    I am seeing B/C today at 2.45.. DH was so sweet, he stayed home from work today to look after me.....I'm a bit of a mess I have to admit.. Trying to stay positive but everything hurts and I just want OUT... mentally and physically I'm just finding this way too hard... I can't belive that I've wanted this for 10 years and now I would do anything to stop it....anyway, today I'm going to ask M/W for a stretch and sweep? I think that is what is is called? I read in my book "Birth" that it has a 12-15% chance of starting labour... if not, I will beg to be induced medically on Friday - thanks again
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