thread: Thought last night was "The Night" ........

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005

    Thought last night was "The Night" ........

    Hi all,

    Well i thought last night was going to be the night when things would happen. I was getting contractions every 3-5 mins for 1.5hrs then they just stopped :mad:

    Wondering if they will restart this morning- i hope they do

    Any suggestions as to how i may be able to get them to start up again today?

    Take care Leah

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    I had the same thing 3 weeks ago Leah and I tried EVERYTHING to get them to restart!!!(walking,BD'ing, Rasberry leaf tea)I had over 2 1/2hours of them that were getting closer together and getting intense.Midwife said to try walking around, but it didn't help me all they did was stop!!!!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    hi Leah,

    how frustrating!! i would be getting out walking today if i were you. good luck!!!! \/


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    Mar 2004

    When I was waiting for Yasin the midwives said walking was the best thing to get labour going. FIL got a bit over-excited and tried to
    take me on a walk around Canada Bay at 1am. It probably wasn't a good idea because my waters broke but I really exhausted which wasn't a good place to be starting labour. So I would recomend walking - but not too much.
    They say that chilli and other spicy foods can stimulate your bowel which in turn wakes up your uterus and gets things happening.
    Also semen contains whatever is in that gel that they put on people's cervixes to induce labour and an orgasm can make your uterus contract a bit so a bit of sex can help.
    Nipple stimulation is supposed to release oxytocin which is what they put in the inducing drip so its can help too.
    There are a couple of acupuncture pressure points that stimulate contractions - you could google them or go and see an acupuncturist.

    Yasin was a week overdue so by the end of the week I knew almost every possible thing that could bring on labour #-o .

    These contractions are helping to get your cervix ready for birth so in a sense you could think of yourself as already being in pre-labour.

    Good-luck I hope that things really start happening soon.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005

    Hi girls and thanks for your replies.

    Kirsty, now that you mention it i do remember reading somewhere all about things happening then stopping for you.It's annoying isn't it, just when you think things are about to happen it all stops.
    I have tried all three things you said but unfortunatly none of it has worked for me either.

    Dachlostar- i have tried everything you suggest too and nothing, maybe i will just have to sit back and be patient. The midwives told me last week after an internal that my cervix was nice and soft and that she could get one finger into the cervix .As you said the contractions are helping things move along i just wish they would stay and get it all done.

    Linda: i have been doing abit of walking but it's not happening, oh well will have to do more tomorrow.

    Take care Leah

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    I've heard that pineapple juice is good also, if you can stand the acidity/heartburn issue!! Don't have a bath... apparently this can relax things and stop labour rather than stimulating. I was told not to have a bath until 2nd stage is well under way.

    Good luck!!

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    Aug 2004


    Just reading your post brings back nightmares!!!! I had really bad prelabour for about 2 weeks every couple of nights. It killed me,a nd I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!

    So walking - actually good for baby's position, but might not do anythign to bring on labour. Bit of a falsie I've heard, although it is EXCELLENT for keeping your mind off things,

    Sex - apparently 1 dose of gel is equivlent to a man ejavulating something liekk 8-15 times, and I dont think any man is up to that, so sex is a bit of an old wives tale too.

    Spicy food/ Castor Oil - apparently these irritate the tummy, which irritates the bowel, which irritates the uterus, so it can bring things on. But I wouldn't personally recommend them. Yuck...

    Hot bath/shower. Anything to get rid of the back pain is a goer I say.

    Best thing to do (looking back now - hindsight 20/20) is relax. its all going to happen, and just try to deal with all the pain, and then excitement. Go out for breakfast/lunch and dinner and enjoy being by yourself. Try to get some sleep, and read lots of books.

    This part sucks totally and completely. But bubs will be along really soon, and life will completely change, and it will be wonderful! (and hard, and stressful and tiring etc.....)

    Good luck,

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Our birthclass midwife told us the sex one and apprently it's like 20 times in row that you would have to have sex, all the guys thought their christmases had come at once, they were up for the challenge, but I bet you can guess what our replies to that were, lol.