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Thread: Throb pain in pubic bone area

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    Default Throb pain in pubic bone area

    Im 31 weeks and just yest. felt some funny throb pain in my public bone area when I was walking.

    Does this mean baby is head down already?



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    Hi Caz
    The pain is caused by a hormone called relaxin. This hormone causes your joints and ligaments to be come loose and this helps your pelvis expand during birth. Unfortunately it is also what causes you to walk like a duck. It is also the cause of your pain. In the centre of your pubic bone there is a joint that normally never moves. However under the influence of relaxin this joint can and often does become loose. Because there is no cartilage in this joint the ends of the bones rub against each other and that is what causes the pain. To help reduce the pain walk slowly, take shorter steps. When getting out of the car or turning over in bed try to keep your knees together.

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