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    Question Tight joints

    Hi everyone,
    I am just going into my 32nd week and my next antenatal app isnt until the 9/1. My blood presure so far has been good, slighty high on the top last two appt's and I have had some swelling. My feet and fingers have gone up about one size, unfortunately left it too late and had to get my wedding rings cut off :frown: In the morning when I wake up or have been lying down on the couch for a while, I find my all my joints are quite sore and stiff. We have aircon so it is not like I am really hot or anything and it seems to lessen alot when I am upright. Has as anyone else is experiencing this as it concerns me that my circulation might not be too good or is this just normal?
    Thanks and Happy New Year everyone!!!
    Nets x

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    So sorry you had to get your rings cut off, Netty.

    I'm at the same stage as you, and my next appt is on the 9th as well. I'm trying to keep active to help keep the swelling down. At the moment my hands are fine but my feet are swelling a bit. It's really in the last week or so they've gotten worse, but doesn't sound as bad as you're getting it. Can you get out and walk a couple of times a day? That's supposed to help, as well as drinking lots of fluids and putting your feet up a bit. I don't know if that will help with the stiffness, though. Hope it improves soon!

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    Is it possible you have edema Net? i.e. swelling/fluid retention. It can make everything tighter - I find my joints get tight from it. Have a chat to your Ob about it though hon. Sorry to hear about your rings. I actually took mine off in the first trimester to avoid getting them cut off and DH bought me an eternity ring which was too big and is now "perfect". Hmp. I call them my sausage fingers! LOL.

    Love MG

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