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Thread: A tight tum

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    Smile A tight tum

    My Obs told me last week that i have a firm tummy.
    What does that mean exactly? My only thought when he said it was "first time in my life i have been told i have a tight tum"
    Is that a good thing, a bad thing? Does it mean that i will feel stuff more? Or less?
    Its not really an essential thing, i just really curious about it now.

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    Funny, I was told that too! I figured it was because I'm naturally a small thin person, so not much 'soft' covering over the top.

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    Im a big person and my tummy is very tight. No idea what it means though

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    When I had my first baby, my tummy went really super tight about 2 weeks before I went into labour. Kinda felt like it might explode (put I guess thats how everyone feels at that point). Im a larger lady too so it happens to all sorts of people I guess.

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    Mine is super-tight too. From what I gather from listening to different mum's comments, it makes the movements more easy to feel from the outside, but that's about it. One of my SIL's was amazed at how much she could see Bob stick his knee out the side of my tum. I got the impression from my midwife that it's because I'm a sporty kinda girl and my muscles were in pretty good shape pre-pg.

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