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Thread: tightenings...??

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    Default tightenings...??

    im not worried or anything as im almost 39 weeks so i know if bub was to come now chances are he'll be fine. but over the last few days i've been getting heaps of 'tightenings' just randomly throughout the day. but today i noticed they are alot more frequent than they have been so i decided to time them, just out of curiosity, and they are almost dead on 5 minutes apart and last for about 30-50 seconds.

    there isnt really any pain associated with most of them. dont get me wrong they are all uncomfortable but only a minority of them actually make me think 'ouch' lol. i guess this is why im calling them tightenings not necessarily contractions.

    ive also had HEAPS of lower back pain, particularly today, and fairly thick discharge *SORRY TMI*

    Being my first i have no idea what any of this means so just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this, if they themselves or know of anyone who had similar symptoms during their pg and/or before labour. im not really in a rush to get him out haha but was just wonderin what people thought??

    Thanks in advance


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    Oooohhh it sounds like your body is making all the preparations to go into labour or already on it's way

    It could be still some prelabour but the length of the ctx is certainly looking like the real deal.

    Rest up as much as you can and conserve your energy, there could be still a while to go

    All the best xxoo

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    I had heaps of BH contractions that were often regular in the week or 2 before I went into labour. They hurt a bit but nothing too serious. I kept thinking I was in labour. When I really went into labour it felt completely different and it was obvious it was labour and not BH contractions. The pain went right around my back and was intense.
    To the best of my knowledge it is very normal to have tightenings leading up to labour but unless they start getting more painful and closer together then I wouldn't be rushing to the hospital.
    Best of luck when he does decide to make his entrance.

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    raffy!! My contractions were mostly in my back at the start and if yours are already around 30 - 50 seconds apart, i think your body is well and truly preparing itself. I reckon by the sounds of it it might be pre-labour or very early labour! Maybe time to give DP a call and get him home?? hehe SO exciting!! I really hope this is it!

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