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    Just wondered why doctors will only give you say 12-24hrs after your waters have broke before they interfer? Because the hospital im going to, they leave you for 3 days if there arn't any problems. So don't really understand why others can't do the same?

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    It's due to the risk of infection.
    Once you water is gone the baby isn't in it's sterile little bubble anymore so theoretically nasties can get in making both baby and you sick.
    I do know someone who's baby was stillborn when this happened, very sad - she was left with broken waters for a few days and an infection got in
    Although I think 12 hours is a bit OTT, I would be nervous being left for as long as three days. If that happens don't have sex or go putting anything in there either for that matter

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    I think in the cases where the hospitals allow you to go over 12 hrs they offer antibiotics? In order to prevent infection.


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    I think it depends on the availability of monitoring, as well. If you're near to the hospital and can be checked on once or twice a day, then you have some leeway to wait for longer. And some hospitals will give antibiotics as well.

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    Ooh I read about this the other day....

    Silent Knife says:
    If your membranes rupture on their own prior to labour, you must believe that this is exactly the way that your particular body needs to start this particular labour. Accept it as a sign that labour will begin sometime within the next few hours or days. Stay close to home, relax and eat well. Some midwives recommend that you shower rather than bathe and refrain from intercourse. You needn't worry about a dry birth. Your body continues to produce amniotic fluid until your baby is born. We've worked with women who have had PROM up to a week before birth and they've had no problem. You can up your vitamin C and increase your fluid intake..... Remember, too, that if your water is leaking, it is possible for the membranes to reseal.

    Many physicians are worried that an infection will begin now that the protection around the infant is gone. Some prescribe antibiotics prophylactically. Others ask you to take your temperature and report any rise. Some take blood tests and check your white blood cell count. Most tell you that if you haven't had the baby in 12-24 hours, a c/section will be performed to prevent an infection from occurring. (Fifteen years ago they used to give us 72 hours).

    Most women can go for days without an infection after their water has broken, especially if they stay out of the hospital and refuse internal exams.
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    Yay for our hospital Tegan LOL
    As the other girls have said, alot of Dr's will interfere due to the risk of infection - at my hospital (and Tegan's) we wait for at least 48hrs UNLESS the woman is GBS +ve and then we would hope to start induction ASAP. We don't start women on oral antibiotics unless they are pre-term. For all term women whp are GBS -ve we ask them to come in for regular CTG's, measure temps every 4 - 6 hours, watch out for colour or odour change in the liquor, observe for any cold and flu sympotms and take note of babe's activity and of course if any concerns, please come back to delivery suite. LOL I'm very good at my ruptured membranes spiel!

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    With maddy mine broke early in the morning on Tuesday & she was born at midday on the Thursday...
    I ended up being induced as there was meconium in the liquor & she had become distressed!!!
    Other than that they were happy for me to continue..

    Infact a lady told me on Sarturday morning at basketball that I should just have C/Sections due to both girls going exactly 7 days over & both having meconium in the liquor..
    I was shocked & just smiled... I have been happy with both my birthing experiences, not sure why she wasnt.... LOL!!!!!

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