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Thread: Totally confused!!

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    spreckemily Guest

    Unhappy Totally confused!!

    I have read all the posts about how other women knew they were going into labour, or that it was imminent. Fair go, I really think my little man is having a joke at his mummy's expense. My stomach tightens for most of the day, I have really bad sharp stabbing pains, cramps, back pain.... I go through stages of being constipated, they having a run (literally) of diarrhoea for 3 - 4 days. My back is in constant pain, I am constantly tired and keep trying to move furniture around the house and clean non stop when I am not near passed out on the sofa!!! (nesting??) I am scared of going into labour and not knowing if my waters have broken (I also have urine leakage and I have GBS)

    My daughter was 2 weeks overdue and I never went through any of this. Any thoughts, or am I just going totally nuts???

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    I had a LOT of those symptoms for the final two weeks of pregnancy with Matilda. I went to the midwives to check out the urine leakage. They just want to test that there isn't any amniotic leaks during that time either. When my amniotic fluid was released finally it was a gush so it was completely different to leaks.

    Sounds like the end is near to me, but then again it did go on for weeks for me. I was pretty miserable. For me it started around 38 weeks and went until 40 weeks. I was induced at 42 weeks.

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    mummymeegs Guest


    You are describing me at the moment. I think we are getting close! Like you I never experienced any of this with DS but I put it down to being older and a bit less tolerant of what is happening to my body. Just keep any eye on what is going on.. remember it is your body and you will know when something is not right! Good Luck!

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    hang in ther mate youll feel b<a href="">
    <img border="0" src=";10051;28/st/20060928/k/1565/preg.png"></a>
    etter soon

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    No sweetie not going nuts - that's exactly what happened to me. Then I was in labour (and my waters had broken) and it was only lucky I had an Ob appt or I would never have known to tell anyone LOL.

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    spreckemily Guest


    Thanks guys. I still keep having false starts. For the past 5 days I have been experiencing every day (sometimes twice a day) what I believe are contractions 5 - 6 minutes apart. They last for an hour, then go!!!

    So happy when it's over!!!

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