thread: Transverse Position (Lying sideways) at 28 weeks pregnant

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    Jul 2005

    Transverse Position (Lying sideways) at 28 weeks pregnant

    Hi there All

    just wondering is it normal to have the baby lying sideways (across my belly, technical term Transverse) at 28 weeks pregnant??

    And at what stage can you expect the baby to position itself in the correct way??

    Also has anyone tried to deliver a baby naturally (vaginally) with this position??

    And is it normal for the Fundal Height to be slightly out (2cm??)

    Lot's of questions, not many answers

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    Feb 2005

    I read some where that Baby being Transverse is one reason why your measurements can be out and it's quite normal for the fundal height to be slightly out.

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    Jul 2005

    Hey there Jillian

    It's one thing after another with me at the moment - LOL

    I didn't want to burden the Jan Belly Buddies as i thought - here we go again - the worry wart is back with her doom and gloom.....

    Oh well what ever happens will happen - the specialist didn't seem that concerned but then again he is a renal specialist and not a ob....

    thanks anyway - here's hoping little poppit - pops into the right way....


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    Lucie was transvers too at 28 weeks and ob wasn't concerned at all. Sure enough, at 32 weeks she was head down and stayed that way. There is still a fair bit of room in there so I wouldn't stress about it at all yet. And yeap, I think that's right about fundal height being less when bub is transverse - wouldn't worry at all. Good luck!

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    With the fundal height it can be a bit out no matter that. I was always 2cms ahead of what i should have been and DD was head down and engaged from 28 weeks.

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    Jan 2005

    yep, fundal height can be out, as long as they're seeing consistant growth I think is the main thing. Also, is it the same person measuring you each time? I have team midwifery & GP, so a different midwife measures me each time which will also affect the measurements to a degree.

    With the transverse lie, I think at 28 weeks theres still plenty of room for turning. In fact my girlfriends bub turned (from breech to head down) at 37 weeks. My gp & midwives didn't even start checking this until 36 weeks.

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    May 2005

    Jelly is doing summersaults inside of me. one day she will be bum up, the next tranverse, and the day after that is anyones guess. really with the size i am at the moment, i am surprised she has enough room to do such acrobatics.

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    May 2005

    Hey Dianna!

    My midwife reckons that my fundal meansurements are always ahead because I'm short.

    so if you are on the shorter side, this may also explain why the measurements are out....well if you're measuring ahead anyway


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    Jul 2005

    Hey there All

    I've got my midwife appointment on Monday - i'm hoping that bub will have caught up by then 8-[

    besides the other day when my measurments were taken they were done in the morning and by someone else....I notice that my stomach tends to pop (grow bigger) of an afternoon and by the evening i look like i've swallowed a beach ball again....hope that is normal [-o< and every other time i've had a midwife appointment it has been of an afternoon....

    Oh well what can you do - I'm just praying that little poppit continues to grow - but i suppose if i'm extra anxious on monday i can ask for another US to check - i'll see how we go with the measurments first and the positioning of bubba

    I'm thinking i have grown in the last 24hours anyway as last night the growing pains were incredible and this morning i look a little larger (i think...)

    anyway fingers and toes crossed I'm just being paranoid (nothing new there)


    di \/

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    As the women have said, bubs still has plenty of time for moving, but there's no way you can birth a trnasverse bub! You'd be booked in for a caeser if bub remained transverse - it can't come out sideways and is definitely a medical reason to have a caesar. But bubs usually turns. I have stickied some breech / posterior resource links in the labour / birth section, you might like to read that if you would like some tips on optimal foetal positioning. It's applicable for all to read and practice to get baby in a good spot for birth.
    Kelly xx

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    Nov 2005

    2cm out is fine. In fact i would expect your fundal hight to be less than 'normal' considering that your baby transverse.
    It is not possable to give birth vaginally if the baby is transverse.

    Alan (Midwife)

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    kerry Guest

    Question for Alan (my new brains trust)... Bigfoot (my baby) is transverse and I am measuring 3w further than I am... my date is pretty accurate and when I had a scan between 5-6w it was spot on.... am I growing an elephant in here?

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    Nov 2005

    Hi kerry
    No not an eliphant but perhaps 2 babies
    HE HE HE just kidding.
    Measuring the fundal hight cen depend on the skill of the person with the tape and how rushed they are. You need to measure from the pubic bone to the top of the fundus. Oter things that can change the measurement are
    The amount of fluid in your womb.
    the position of your baby. Has it got arms, legs, elbows, knees sticking out.
    Even another person doing the measuring can get a different result. What is the top of the fundus for me may not be the top of the fundus for someone else.
    So measuring the fundal hight is just a guide.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Alan (Midwife)

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    Sep 2004

    re transverse lie, oscar was transverse until 38 weeks. then turned by himself on my way to hospital for a c-section.

    good luck

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    Jul 2005

    Hey Beckles

    Dumb question - did you end up having the C-Sect with Oscar or did you go naturally??

    This bubba loves to keep me guessing when it comes to fingers and toes crossed he'll decide on the right one at the right time