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Thread: tricks to get the baby to turn and stay head down

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    Default tricks to get the baby to turn and stay head down

    My little one has been so very good for months.

    She's been head down and facing the right way for the last few months... but on my right side.

    Last wednesday I had a check up for 35 weeks and baby had moved to my left and was head down and facing the right way and the midwife said she felt fixed / engaged.

    I was really happy with this as I had been concerned that she's just decided to change sides at this late stage.

    Midwife said it's best for the baby to b ont he left side as they get a clearer path (if anyone can explain this further that would be tops - I don't see the midwife again til thursday)

    As soon as the midwife left and I went about some house tidying, baby moved.

    Now I'm pretty sure she's spread out and is tranverse!!

    I've been trying to figure out how best to get her back over to the left.... but haven't had much luck.

    I will be seeing my midwives again on thursday.., but if there is anything I can try in the mean time to get her to move back.... I'd love to hear it!


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    Yep - I'll be doing what Shannon said this time around. I had a posterior baby, and wouldn't wish that on anyone!!! Another option is draping your arms over a fit-ball and sort of swaying on your knees. If that makes sense. I found it great throughout my prelabour.


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    Laura, don't stress too much. My mum had 4 of us (definately should have stoppe at one seeing as the quality deteriorated after the, of course me) and all of us were late turners.. well #3 get exempted as she was born at 33w... but the rest of us didn't go HDBU and stay there until the final week or so... #4 was completely breech on the Friday 40w3d and turned on the Sunday just before labour started.

    A chiropractor trained in the Webster technique can help with turning bubs... everyone says the tip Shannon gave (all 4's) works well, even my ob and chiro, plus being in water a lot helps, something to do with gravity and preasure on the amniotic fluid but I can't really remember it well enough to explain... then there is sleeping with you legs slitghtly raised (but how comfy would that be now), sleeping with a radio between your legs.... shining a torch on the bottom of your belly near the cervix.

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    Laura, i saaw my midwife on Mon and our baby is head down face up (not face down :fuming: ). Whilst she said i have a few weeks yet to worry she did say sitting up straight, no legs crossed, with legs wide open can turn baby, as is gettin on all fours for 3-4 minutes a few times a day....(DD was born face up, and i ended up with third deg tears and needing 2 blood transfusions..... ) so will be on all fours ALL DAY if i have to in a few weeks - LOL. Good Luck

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