thread: Trying not to panic.

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    Oct 2006
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    Trying not to panic.

    I'm generally not a panicky person but I've had the cruddiest/ most stressful day today, and my nerves are on edge.
    *Possibly TMI* I just went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was blood. Not a lot, and it was only one wipe that it showed pinkish, but I've never had ANY bleeding in either pregnancy.
    Now, I am trying to rationalise, and I do think I have cystitis so I'm sure that's where the blood's from. I had an ob appointment this morning and everything was a-ok. I mentioned that I thoght I was getting cystitis and he gave me a script for ab's. I've only taken one so far, so it's not like they've had enough time to work. But I've never had frank bleeding associated with cystitis before either (I've only had it maybe 4 times ever). I can still feel the baby moving, so do you think I should just take note of any more blood?

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    Feb 2009

    I've never ever bled in any pregnancy. I got implantation spotting with this one - first time ever - but loved that for so long I never had to worry about any blood - so I would be in an absolute tiz right now! Having never had cystitis, I am not sure the diffences myself but I would imagine they would be noticiable, no?

    Did the Ob get symptoms before giving a script or just took you at your word? I think if I had bleeding down there during pg I would be at my docs or the hospy until they could give me a definitive answer why! Thats just me though, lol. I guess I would have hoped he would be a little more curious about it - but I guess if he wasn't then you don't have to stress too much either. Maybe.

    I would note down any bleeding and give it with any other symptoms to my ob and get a definitive. At the very least, it will help put your mind at ease so you can enjoy the rest of your pg.

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    LF how are you going now honey???
    has there been any more blood?
    if it was me i would call the OB and discuss it just in case - bc i know i would worry over every little thing otherwise.

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    it isnt a part of your "show" is it?
    could it be part of your mucous plug, sometimes tehy come away with a tinge of pink blood in them
    but id be going to teh hospital or your ob and getting checked..

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    Oct 2006

    Hey Lauren, I hope you're feeling better today, babe.
    Did you give your OB a call? Probably it is nothing, but could be worth having a chat about anyway.
    Let us know how you are, ok?

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    Oct 2006
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    Hey thanks for thinking of me guys! I didn't end up calling the ob as it was only the one time when I wiped and as of this morning the burning sensation/constant need to pee had gone. So I'm thinking it was all just a UTI. Maybe my stress levels didn't help either! Yesterday did not get off to a good start, I managed to sleep through 3 alarms, my taxi beeping it's horn and my boss calling 3 times to see where I was. I finally woke up at 6.15am and I START at 6am! If it had been any other day, I really don't think it would have freaked me out, was just that yesterday sucked! Anyway bub's is moving as much as normal and I'm sure if I wasn't preg I wouldn't have even notice the small pink amount on th tp.

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    Nov 2006

    I was going to suggest bowel movement as a cause. I sometimes get blood if I've been a bit constipated. It will usually only be there on that wipe but occassionally i will have a little the next time i go.

    I can tell by wiping and then holding a clean pieec of TP against my rectum for a few seconds. When i look sometimes there are a few blood spots. I occasionally get this while not preg but i think it's more common during preg cause of all that extra blood down there.