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Thread: Turning a breech baby- ECV

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    Hi Cass,
    Yeah have tried a few of the other ways. I have a feeling she just has a mind of her own. How funny if she just turns on her own after all the things i have tried. I can't wait till she is here, starting to get anxious now to meet her and know that she is alright.

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    paradise lost Guest



    Just wanted to pop by.
    SHame she didn't turn but maybe she's just not got much room in there.

    Don't know what sort of policy your hospital/ob have but i have a girlfriend who had her first baby, in true breech (feet up by her ears) vaginally in hospital, no problems, no TEARS. The doctor had to give her pitocin to speed her labour up after she got to 6cm and phycially hold her DD's bum back while she dilated the rest of the way, but delivery was perfectly fine, she didn't even have gas and air! She was on her knees, and 2 midwives performed the pelvic press move as he did a special kind of maneouvre to get baby out (which involved tucking DD's chin into her chest and easing her out chin first at the same angle as she'd have been born if head first, albeit backwards.

    With an experienced (in breech vaginal deliveries) doc vaginal breeches can come out just as well as head-down bubses.

    Best of luck with your appointment.


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    michelle_j_r Guest


    sorry to hear it did not work, Megan.

    I thought i would post my experience here just in case it helps others.
    I had and ECV at 37weeks at Newcastle John Hunter Hosp and it worked wonderfully. It was uncomfortable but not really painful (and not even worth worrying about compared to the discomfort of major surgery c/s!!!)

    I had tried acupuncture, moxibustion, Websters, OFP, torches etc!!! The works! Nothing helped until the ECV. Bub turned and stayed there and was born vaginally 3 weeks later.

    They monitor the baby during and after the transfer in case of distress. But the risks of ECV are less than that of a c/s (for both mum and bub).

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    Hana , not sure about delivering a breech baby. Sounds like your friend did a great job, I really admire her. My midwife said there are not a lot of dr confident or experienced in delivering a breech baby these days at my hospital.

    Michelle, so glad that the procedure worked for you. I really wish it did for me, but i guess it wasn't meant to be. I am glad that I gave it a go though.

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    paradise lost Guest


    Yeah, my friend had to drive 250km in labour to get to an ob who could do it. It's such a shame, the only way to learn it is to see it done but c-sections are so prevalent now it's hard for docs to find places to learn. Will they try another ECV or do they only try once?

    Best of luck whatever happens. ::-):

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    im sorry to hear it didnt work out...

    our baby has not turned either and we are ready for our c/section on monday.

    our hospital does not deliver breech babies!

    all the best.

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    the dolphin- good luck tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. I have a c-sec booked for Thursday.

    hoobley- No they only try to turn them that one time. They have booked me in for a c-sec on Thursday. It is a shame more doctors are not confident in delivering a breech baby. Although the more stories I hear of breech births the less I would have liked to have gone through with it given the chance.

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    I have followed this thread with interest .
    I know its still early for me, but, so far, bubs is planning on being far more comfortable head up. So, trying now to encourage it to turn around. Fingers crossed it will work. Dont want to do the ECV - sounds horrid to me. And dont want to have a c-sect. There is apparently only 1 obs in Perth that will deliver a breach baby - so, my options at the moment are to spend heaps of time on my elbows and knees.
    Will try the ice and torch thing - but, its abit cold now for ice!
    Any other recommended methods?
    Someone told me to bandaid a peppercorn under my little toe, as there is some pressure point there that will help the baby to turn?

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    The pressure point is just below your tonail on your little toe, sort of to the outside. Moxibustion is great for getting bubs to turn, and during acupuncture this is the point they like to use.

    Like you said it's still early days for you. But definately keep trying to erncourage bub down south. You might want to give an Acupuncturist a call too. I would say to start trying from 34 - 35 weeks on.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mum2bee View Post
    Dont want to do the ECV - sounds horrid to me. And dont want to have a c-sect.
    I had the ECV it wasn't very nice and did not work for me but it does work for around 60% of people. Plus It was only painful for that short time that they tried. I was happy that I gave it ago and have no regrets doing it. I would try it again if we have another breech baby. It was painful for me but others have said that they did not find it that bad. Hope your little bubs turns on its own. Sometimes babies are just stubborn and want to do their own thing.

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