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    Hey there,

    I'm 33 and a half weeks and I have started losing my mucous plug this morning, there are only bits and it's not streaked with blood, but most definately my mucous plug.

    With my first baby, I was induced at 37 weeks due to PE and liver probs and I lost my plug only when my waters broke. With DD, from memory I lost my plug after a stretch and sweep at 40 weeks and went into natural labour around 2 weeks later.

    I really need some reassurance here......please tell me this means nothing! I have to get to 36 weeks, this is my goal and this baby is just not allowed to come early. Preferrably, he can wait till the end of May, we aren't ready yet and I want him to be nice and healthy.

    Did anyone hear of anyone else that started losing it a whole month or longer before bubs came? I've had some prelabour pains and lots of BH's although they have settled down the last couple of days.

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    I found this information on a website, but I think it's best to call your OBS/Midwife and discuss with them.
    "Generally there is no need to call your doctor or midwife when you begin to lose your mucus plug, assuming it is clear or just has a little blood showing. Of course if you feel the need that is what they are there for. You can however mention it to her at your next visit. You should call if the mucus becomes extremely bloody or it does not stop coming. It could be a sign that labor is there, or possibly a complication like placenta previa or a sign of a placental abruption."
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    Hi Tara!

    Just letting you know that I lost mine a few weeks ago at least and I've had no signs other than bh that labour is happening soon!!
    I'd say you'll be fine but always best to let the dr's know whats happening!

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    My mucous plug came away at 38 weeks then I went 8 days overdue so it isn't always a sign that labour is just around the corner...

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    Hi Tara,

    I was going to say that Kristie in my Belly Buddies group lost hers a few weeks ago and that she is still around but she has already posted to tell you!! So I agree with the girls that it is not necessarily an indication that labour is really imminent. I would also check with OB though....Good luck!

    Gigi xx

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    You can go for quite a few weeks after loosing your mucous plug.
    Try not to worry too much hun but it is now time to take things easy, Rest as much as you can.

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    I lost mine 2 or 3 weeks ago, nothing yet unfortunatly. I want this boy out!!!

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    Thanks very much for all your replies and experiences. I'm feeling much better about it, I was worried there for a while! It's great to hear some of you waited over a month (well great for me anyway LOL). Sarah, you must have lost yours around the same gestation as me...hopefully that's a good sign for a quick labour.

    Alan, thanks very much for your advice (again ). I'm trying to take it easy as much as I can whilst school holidays are on, but I'm not lifting anything or doing too much physical other than housework.

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