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Thread: Unsettled and over it!

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    Default Unsettled and over it!

    Girls, obviously we all get unsettled and feel 'over it' as our due dates near... I have noticed that I have developed strange last minute food cravings and I am totally unsettled....So unsettled that I have had to send my darling partner out to fetch the following;
    a) Watermelon (lots of it please)
    b) Iced Coffee or fruit juice - either will do
    c) Allens Lollies - I am thinking strawberrys and cream ones would go down a treat
    d) Cadbury Chocolate - either plain or fruit and nut.

    Maybe this is simply comfort eating given that I hit 40wks today and I am totally 'over it' given that I have now had 2 false starts and i now feel a little miffed by the fact that I am going to go past my due date when everyone thought that I would go early for sure...

    Having said that I am interested to know if anyone has felt similar during the last days of pregnancy?

    I feel horrible. I know that I am being a total b!tch and I can't seem to snap out of this foul mood... it is not so much that it is a foul is just so hard to describe, I feel totally unconnected and spaced out. I think I could literally just stare at a wall for hours on end at the moment.

    Someone shed a little light on this for me PLEASE!

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    Maybe your coming close to labour starting?
    Some people do feel a bit out of it just before.
    I hope so. Good luck!

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    I was told by everyone (including strangers on the street, bizarrely enough)that I was going to go early with my first pregnancy because I was so big and bubs engaged early. Yeah, right!! Almost two weeks over and was induced as he was not interested in the slightest. I was so over it by then.

    Saying that, I did feel spacey and out of it for a couple of days before I was induced. Didn't have the food cravings but ate whatever was not nailed down or hidden.

    Good luck!!

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    im not over but the past few weeks i can vouch for b,c,d altho id need to add chocolate milk & tripple choc icecream with choc chips and choc sauce (and no normal plain choc ice cream wont do!) to the list too. lol

    btw the vagueness will help come time the labour pains kick in!

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    I have been feeling the exact same way for the last two days. I am now 41 weeks and still have another 4 to 5 days to go if bub hangs in.
    I went into labour at 36 weeks and after 5 days all stopped so i can totally understand what you mean. we thought our boy would be early but nope he has managed to defiy gravity and stay put.

    I have had a cheese and macaroni thing and honey joys. i cant make enough of them.

    wont be long now till your bubs is here

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