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Thread: Uterine/cervical Prolapse during Pregnancy

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    Default Uterine/cervical Prolapse during Pregnancy

    This is my third child I'm carrying. Shortly before I fell pregnant with this one I had suffered from third degree cervical prolapse. This is where the Cervix protrudes outside of the vagina. Mine came out as much as 1 inch. It was not painful but, i did get some lower back pain. I was advised to have a hysterectomy. Dp and i wanted a third child so here i am with baby number three...

    In time the uterus has moved up and out of the pelvis. However in recent times the cervix has started to appear on the outside again!!!. Once I sit or lay down it rolls back into place.

    However today it came out again about an inch. It caused some real strong back ache but, as i sit here it has rolled back up and is more comfy.

    Basically I wanted to know if anyone else has suffered from this. Or do they know of anyone who has... Also if they have did they go full term and deliver vaginally or did the have to have a caesar? I have been told that it is very likely i may go pre term as I've also recently been in hospital with bleeding from the cervix...

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    Hi jelliebean

    I would expect you to deliver early. Depending on how bad your prolapse will determine if you can have a vaginal birth. Bleeding from the cervix is often caused by what is known as cervical erosion. And again i you have this complaint then it will depend on how bad it is as to wether you can have a vaginal birth

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    Thankyou Alan

    I delivered my first two children at 36 weeks and 38 weeks. I had no prolapse at that time with either of them. So i gathered i would go early again anyway.

    The bleeding was on January 2nd and it was quite a large amount, though i havn't had any since.

    Thankyou again, you are very helpful

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