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Thread: Uterus measuring large for dates

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    Hi, my uterus has been measuring two weeks over what I should be for the past couple of months. I went to the Dr today and she informed me I was measuring 34 weeks when I'm only 30 weeks pregnant! Does this actually mean I am having a big bub? Has anyone else experienced this, and were their babies actually 'big'? Can it mean I might go into labour earlier than expected? I'm pretty sure my due date has been calculated properly. Its a bit worrying for me as my first daughter was born only 6'11!

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    It means nothing of the sort. My bump is measuring 4-5cm/weeks "small" and my bub is in the 61.9 centile for size. Measuring bumps is the most stupid way to tell the size of the baby IMHO - too much worry over nothing! Is your baby active and kicking? Can you hear a heartbeat? If so, you have nothing to worry about.

    Also, you didn't say if you were tall/short or what size your tummy was pre-preg. Being tall and slim gives you a different bump to if you're short and cuddly! *Grumble-mumble-stupid charts and stupid averages-grumble-mumble.*

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    Alot of it is in how they measure. 5w ago I was measured a week ahead by a midwife, and this week I was measured a week behind by an Obst. He informed me that I have a small baby, but really, noone can know until the little sucker pops out!
    There is easily a cm discrepancy in how the individual takes the measurement, and depending on whether you are carrying high or low makes a difference too.
    I also believe that past 36w it makes no difference what they measure..... I think ?

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    I can't remember with DS1 as that was over 12 years ago but he was born 7lb 8 and he was 11 days over due .With DS2 I was always measuring 2-4 wks/cm more and he was born 9lb 7 but he was also 11 days over due so he had more time to grow bigger.
    The same thing happened with the next 3, I was always measuring bigger than what I was but they were born, 8lb 5.5, 8lb and 8lb 9 and they were all overdue.
    The only time I measured small was when the person doing the measuring made a mistake.
    I don't believe that if you measure big then you will have a big baby.
    I agree with Ryn, it is a stupid way to tell the size of a baby.
    Take care

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    I think it gives the OB's a ballpark idea of what to expect. My doctor with both my girls guessed to within a couple of ounces what they would weigh at birth, based on my measurements, but I think it depends a lot on how the baby is sitting, and how long your torso is, and how much fluid there is, etc. Doesn't necessarily mean big baby! Your weight gain might be a better indicator of what your baby will weigh. (not definitely, of course, as others have said, no one can really tell until he/she is out!)
    All the best!

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    Fundal Height measurements in theory should be Number of weeks pg = cms in height, but this can have so many variants - like the position of the baby, amount of fluid, your body shape - all of these can affect the measurement from week to week. You might find that baby is sitting quite high, and making the 'measurement' seem large, but once baby engages, this measurement can go down. Also because this is a 2nd pg, the uterus can stretch quicker, because it has done it before.

    Many Obs/Doctors don't even measure the fundal height, but it can give them an indication that if your belly is growing, the baby is growing and not to do with size prediction at all.

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    I agree with the girls about the measurements being more a worry than a help.
    At 24 weeks I measured in at 29.5cm,,,and have been getting much bigger every week since. However I went for an ultrasound on friday just gone, as my OB was quite concerned as the the huge measurements I was having, and bubs is doing great,,,,and only 2 to 2.5 weeks ahead of dates on bone measurements etc. So I think that as the girls said,,,,,if bubs is active, and you are both well,,,then dont pay any attention to the measurements

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    As all the girls have said i wouldnt stress too much. I was measuring a few weeks ahead of what i was only to find out last visit that im only 1 week ahead. Your uterus can grow larger, then bubba catches up. I bet your having a happy healthy bubba!

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    I am 27 weeks tuesday and been measuring 30 weeks for past 5 weeks. Only that my uterus is on the high side of fluid. I not concerned at moment, bubs is moving therefore he is fine. i agree with other ladies, i wouldnt worry about it too too much. Talk with obstr if you are concerned.

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