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Thread: UTI or baby's head?

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    Default UTI or baby's head?

    Hey there gals

    I'm 31 weeks and I have a question. I have ALOT of pressure in my bum so I'm figuring baby is engaging further (was in hospital last week and they said baby was beginning that process) and since last night - I've been peeing constantly, and some times I feel the need to pee (not urgent) and I go and it takes AGES to actually get it out... no burning or anything like that to indicate a UTI, but I'm a little confused.. I'm also getting pink tinged cm some times.

    Anyone got any advice? Is the hassle going to the loo from the baby's head pushing down, or should I call the GP about a possible UTI?


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    I'd call your Dr about a UTI. I had one recently (at 29 weeks) and my only signs were more frequent need to pee and not much coming out. I've had heaps of past UTI's so i was surprised that i had one as i had no pain or stinging this time around. The hospital took it very seriously and were even going to admit me for a week on IV antibiotics cause apparently a UTI in preg can bring on premature labour. I ended up convincing them to let me take oral AB's at home and a week later i was tested and clear

    Hope you're in the clear but it's better to play it safe and get your urine tested! Good luck.

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    Thanks! I'll try and get an appointment this week.

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    Until you can get into the Doc try drinking 3-4 litres of water a day for the next 2 days. If it is a UTI this will help to keep the infection to a minimum by flushing your baldder.

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    I think that if you have an ifection, they won't make you wait a week. You can probably even just call ahead and see if you can drop in today. Leaving infections for a while can make them worse or lead to complications so you want to be safe. Like Alan said, drink masses of water and perhaps cranberry juice too if you can. I like to profilacticly take a glass or two of cranberry juice every now and then as a preventative measure and it works for me. I used to get a couple of UTI's a year and I don't remember the last one I had since adding cranberry to my diet.

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