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Thread: UTI Question.

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    Question UTI Question.

    I did a dip-stick urine test at work on Monday (I was still stressing about my massive ankles) it didn't show any protein or glucose but it did show a trace amount of blood.
    I've only had one uti before, earlier this year, about a month before I found out I was preg.
    I didn't have the normal symptoms (burning or peeing frequently or anything), rather kept getting sharp stabbing/ pulling pains.
    I was put on ab's and the doc told me only to take a short course (3 or 5 days I don't remember), NOT to take the entire pack.
    I pulled out the remaining ab's last night (they're still in date) and looked them up in the MIMS.
    They're completely safe to take during pregnancy so since then I've taken two.....
    I'm really tempted to take the rest (only about 3 days worth total) and just ask for a urine test at my next appointment (5 days).
    I know ideally I should go to the ob, but realistically I'd like to save the $70 if I can!
    I'm not in pain, I don't have a fever and I feel fine.

    So my question is, do you think it's ok to just continue on with the ab's until I see my OB next week?

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    I got a few UTI's when i was pregnant - my doctor put me on Keflex - why don't you just go to a bulk bill docter and they will prescribe you keflex or something -

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    Lotusflower - personally i would recommend seeing a dr. I understand what you're saying re money but if you go to a GP (you don't need yourOB), you will get most of the money back. Just because there is a trace of blood doesn't necessarily mean you have a UTI (did the leukocytes show up?) and doesn't necessarily mean you need ABs. Strange to take only 3 days worth of AB too (haven't heard that one!). Just my opinion. By the way, love your name choices - Noah is one of our names (we have narrowed to 3 for each sex)! Hope your symptoms clear up soon.

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    I wouldn't be taking the ABs without consulting with your Dr first. It may not be a UTI & you'd be taking them unnecessarily.

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    I agree with what Rachel said. I don't know about the 3 day course line - that's a newby to me!
    Blood indicates there could be a uti but certainly doesn't mean you have one. It is important to do a midstream urine test and have it cultured. This will tell you what is going on and you will also know from this what AB's the infection is likely to respond to (if you have an infection).

    Just going to your gp will suffice for all of this - it doesn't mean you need to see your obs. It is important to get things looked at though as UTI's are often asymptomatic and they can if left untreated be a cause of early labour.

    I would certainly see your gp.

    Good luck with it

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    Another one echoing to see a GP. Or, it sounds like you work in the medical field, have a quiet chat with one of the docs you trust. I certainly wouldn't be taking anti's without a current prescription. I find it odd that you were instructed to only take 3 days worth the first time - I've never heard that one! Have you tried cranberry juice in the meantime? It can help with UTI's. Taste's foul but works.

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