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Thread: Veins in arms and hands very swollen and sore

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    Question Veins in arms and hands very swollen and sore

    Did anyone else have this prob.

    My veins are so huge atm and they hurt. I cant even bump them, they feel so bruised.

    I do suffer for vericose veins but these are nothing like them at all.

    is this normal, i cant remember having it with my girls but i was never heavily pg in the summer

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    nessa - with the increased BP and protein in your urine, i would be contacting your care provider and advising of this straight away. it may be nothing, but it's not something you want to mess with at all - anything different is something to be addressed by people that know what they're talking about

    good luck


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    *Nessa* Guest


    I have just had my bloods done on friday and they all came back good. a little low in iron but my kidneys and liver are functioning well.

    i was wondering the more fluid you drink can that affect your veins????

    I am living on ice blocks atm so am obviuosly having alot of fulid intake.

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