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    Just over the last 2 days or so i have been getting very hungry. this is unusual for me as i suffered badly from morning sickness and reflux. I am up to my 5th snack of the day not including breckie and lunch. Is this "normal"? I am trying to eat filling food but it does not make a differance. i have never been this hungry before has any one else had this problem?

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    Yep! For me it was during the whole of the 2nd tri, I just had to eat all the time. I gained the vast majority of my pg weight in these weeks, hardly any later. We are all different, some of us put on weight steadily, others go through these starving periods and put on the weight then. Don't worry, it's bubs requesting the meals! Just try to keep them as healthy as possible.

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    I was that hungry that I used to eat 2 breakfasts with my first pregnancy, one at home before I left for work then I'd have another breakfast (usually Macca's or Cheese and Vegemite toasted turkish) when I got to work 1/2 hour later, plus lunch and cake and dinner when I got home and dessert. But with this bub I am at home with Jack (number1) all day and only find time for 3 maybe 3.5 meals a day!!Hopefully this means I won't gain as much weight this time!!

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